The Basics of Repairing Clothes: 3 YouTube Tutorials

We all know the feeling of getting a hole in our favorite t-shirt…or a button popping off our pants! Unfortunately, so many people throw their clothing away when garments begin to show wear. But you can mend your clothes instead of sending them to the landfill. Check out these helpful tutorials on mending clothes! Save your wardrobe and save the planet by mending what you have!

How to Sew on a Button

Fix your favorite button down shirts by simply learning how to sew on buttons. This is an easy fix to make your garments last longer and prevent your favorite shirt from ending up in a landfill. Sewing on a button won’t take longer than five minutes, woohoo!

How to Repair a Hole in a T-Shirt

We’ve all got that favorite tee that we’re sentimental about….and sometimes they can start to look raggedy. This tutorial demonstrates how to fix up holes in t-shirts and doesn’t even require sewing skills! This simple ironing trick is great to know for saving your favorite tee!

30 Sewing Hacks To Save Your Clothes

This video presents a wide range of ideas for sprucing up your garments and making your favorite clothing items last longer. This tutorial covers mending armpit holes, denim missing buttons, & more. Save your wardrobe and save the planet by mending what you have!