7 Products I Actually Use for a Good Night Sleep

products for a goodnight sleep

It’s no secret that the mental health, self care, and sleep industries have been monetized with an obscene amount of products…some brands unethically looking to take advantage of consumers in desperate need of some z’s. So what works & what doesn’t? As someone who struggles with anxiety getting a goodnight sleep can be extra tricky. Over the years I’ve tried a lot of products because I’m will to do just about anything for a goodnight sleep. Sleep impacts my mood, productivity, mental health, so needless to say as a small business owner, I value sleep. I’ve tried a lot of different sleep aid type goods, but here are seven I actually consistently use….a few of them are even FREE!

1) Weighted Blanket

This is a product that has worked wonders for me. I’ve been using a weighted blanket for a little over a year. At first when I received the weighted blanket I liked it, it was cozy, but I didn’t really know if it was helping me sleep or not. Then I went out of town on vacation, where I didn’t have the blanket, and I couldn’t sleep. By not having the blanket it made me realize how much it had truly been helping me. My weighted blanket truly helps calm my anxieties, fall asleep, and stay asleep. Personally, I use the Cotton Quilting Weighted Blanket by Weighting Comforts which I’ve loved dearly. Weighting Comforts is a family run company making their weighted blankets in Nashville, TN. They have a partnership with Sew for Hope to employ refugees.

ever pillow review

2) Everpillow

For years I have struggled to find the right pillow. I toss and turn in my sleep, so having a pillow that is somewhat flexible to move with me and still be that perfect balance of allowing my head to sink into it while still being supportive has been important to me. I LOVE the Everpillow because it is so customizable. Consumers can add/take out the filling, a mix of natural latex noodles, Kapok Silk, or a blend of both. Mine has both and I highly recommend it! To me its the perfect balance between soft and firm….it’s hard to explain. I feel like you have to just experience the Everpillow. This unique pillow also provides employment opportunities for men and women transitioning back into society after overcoming homelessness, addiction, and/or incarceration through their partnership with Mile High Workshop. With a 100 day risk free trial on Everpillow, I would recommend giving it a try. Jake & I both sleep with our every night! AND I have the mini version for traveling too!

products for a good night sleep

3) Eye-mask

My friends laugh at me because I swear by eye-masks. They make a HUGE difference. We don’t realize how much light effects our sleep. Even if it’s just a crack coming through the window, this light can make a difference. I’ve been wearing an eyemask for four years. 100% recommend. You can find affordable eye-masks at stores around, if you’re just looking to try it out. I have a couple different ones that I use. One of the ones I love is the Evermask because it’s made with organic cotton. It’s part of the Everpillow brand above. I had some issues when I first started wearing eye-masks. I bought some cheap eye-masks to try them out and they ended up dying my pillow….kind of scary to think materials were rubbing off on my pillow and probably seeping into the skin on my face. But with an organic cotton mask I feel more confident sleeping with it on my face. I also have a black eye-mask that I use if it’s extra sunny in the summer.

4) Meditation Minis Podcast

Meditation Minis is a great tool. This podcast can easily be found on iTunes of Spotify for FREE. The host, Chel, has a very soothing voice which helps me relax and listeners can choose meditations based on how they’re feeling (or hoping to feel) such as energized, relaxed, etc. Honestly, I’ve never been a huge meditation person because I have trouble turning off my mind, but with Chel’s meditations they guide your mind into a calming state.

5) Lush’s Sleepy Lotion & Body Wash

I’ve seen plenty of stories on the internet about how Lush’s Sleepy line immediately makes people fall asleep. And that’s not the case for me. It doesn’t put me to sleep immediately, but it does have a soothing scent that relaxes me. I shower at night so by using the Sleepy products before bed it helps me wind down.

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6) White Noise App

I’m a very light sleeper and having a white noise app helps drown out some of the outside noises. I use a free app I found that is literally called White Noise. There are many different sounds you can choose from. I find the “air conditioning” sound works best for me.

7) Chamomile Tea

Each night before bed I have a cup of Chamomile tea. I think this consistent act helps my mind know it’s time to calm down. This is an easy item to find at your local grocery store and usually pretty affordable. A few brands that have tried and like are Choice Organic’s Chamomile Tea & Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile Herbal Leaf Tea. Both brands are fair trade and organic which is good too!

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