Kind Karma: Meaningful, Minimalistic Jewelry Impacting Youth

Kind Karma is a meaningful, minimalist jewelry line empowering at-risk and transitioning homeless youth in Toronto . Their unique jewelry is great for adding a touch of shine to any outfit while adding a bit of social impact to your accessory collection.

Kind Karma founder, Laurinda was inspired by her own upbringing. After growing up  in a loving environment and supportive home, she learned that not everyone has this privilege. As an entrepreneur she wanted to give back to those who might not have the built in support network that she had growing up.

In 2016, Laurinda jumped into entrepreneurship with the approach of “be the change you wish to see in the world.”  She launched Kind Karma jewelry by partnering with different homeless shelters and employment organizations dedicated to helping at-risk and homeless youth . After learning about some of the mental health challenges at-risk youth face, Laurinda wanted to create a therapeutic experience allowing kids to embrace their creativity. She took her hobby of jewelry making and began sharing her skills with at-risk youth. The  team began growing and crafting exceptional jewelry pieces.

A lot of at-risk youth focus their day to day survival and don’t get the chance to be kids expressing creativity or focusing on their future. So jewelry making can be a therapeutic experience for the youth allowing them to let go of worries and embrace creative practices. Currently Kind Karma employs sixth at-risk youth and is creating meaningful impact through these relationships.

On top of receiving a fair hourly wage, Kind Karma also encourages the youth to work towards a personal goal. When Laurinda hires the youth, she has them reflect on their own hopes and dreams for the future. The youth write down one goal for themselves. For example, one of the youth is hoping to go back to school to become an art therapist soon. Kind Karma’s collective goal fund helps support the youth in meeting their goals by paying for classes, or books, and being there for moral support as the youth work towards achieving their dreams.

Kind Karma’s style is simple, minimalistic, and impactful. Laurinda strives to design jewelry based on her pieces that be worn with a variety of outfits and paired with other Kind Karma items too, allowing consumers to pair  different length necklaces and accessories. However, Laurinda does have some help with youth designing the beautiful bracelets. Kind Karma’s stunning pieces are crafted with hypoallergenic chains, semi-precious stones, healing crystals and other meaningful materials.

I am obsessed with my necklaces from Kind Karma! I have the Teardrop Gemstone Necklace & the Cactus Necklace. I love how these dainty pieces fit my minimalistic style but are also unique and add some pizazz to my fall wardrobe. I appreciate how these pieces can be styled with so many different garments and transitioned between seasons. With the holiday season approaching, I encourage you to check out Kind Karma. Great for accessorizing your holiday party outfits AND fabulous for gifts as well.

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