Eco-friendly Relaxing: Joseph, Oregon

Ever heard of Joseph Oregon? I sure hadn't! Such an underrated place! When Jake & I decided to drive up to Seattle, I was trying to find a place in between Salt Lake City and Washington to stop and I found a little town called Joseph. Joseph Oregon was incredible! And the drive there was stunning with lots of winding roads in the middle of nowhere, mountains, farms, deer, and waterways. For us city folks, it was a treat.

During our time in Joseph we relaxed by the incredible Wallowa Lake. The water was incredibly clear with certain beach like areas for swimming, kayaking, and picnicking. The quaint little downtown was fun for browsing through the shops. We even came across a fair trade chocolate shop! Woohoo! At night the stars were incredibly clear. We saw the Milky Way and a bunch of shooting stars! The B&B we stayed in, Belle Pepper's, was wonderful with welcoming owners and a lot of eco-friendly initiatives. 

Belle Pepper's B&B was a treat! The location was wonderful with a ten minute drive to Wallowa Lake and walking distance to the quaint historic downtown area. Belle Pepper's B&B was a cozy, homey set up in a historic house with four rooms for guests to reserve. Each morning the host, Pepper, would cook all the guests an incredible breakfast using freshly grown produce from their garden, eggs from their chickens, and other local ingredients. The food was wonderful! Guests would gather around the dining table to enjoy breakfast and get to know one another. It was a fabulous way to start the day! Belle Pepper's property led down to the river and guests are allowed to explore. Personally, I loved visiting the goats they had on the property, so much fun! Along with caring for animals and growing some of their own food, Belle Pepper's avoids harsh chemical cleaning products, uses Seventh Generation paper products in rooms, composts & recycles, and so much more! 10/10 would recommend staying at Belle Pepper's. 

As a city gal, I enjoy getting away every once in a while, but usually after spending two or three days outside of the city I'm ready to go back. And I've always wondered how people live in small towns, but Joseph Oregon was the first tiny town I could actually see myself staying in. It was so peaceful, relaxing, and filled with friendly people. Jake and I both agreed it was one of the most beautiful places we'd ever been and we wished we had more than two nights there. 

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