10 Brands Empowering Haiti Through Sustainable Employment

Haiti is beautiful

If you’ve been following along for a while you probably remember that I did a study abroad trip to Haiti a couple years ago. It was a great opportunity because we didn’t go to build houses for anyone, save anyone, or teach anyone…we went to learn as students. We visited social enterprises, learned about Haitian culture, the economy, the health care system, and all. It was truly a life changing experience. These people have the kindest souls and are incredibly hard workers. Unfortunately this past month in Haiti there has been a lot of suffering and rioting. One of the ways we can help from America is by supporting businesses that empower Haitians and work towards positive impact by valuing these beautiful people. These businesses don’t just provide employment opportunities in Haiti, they invest in the people and the community which is key. If you’re interested in learning more about my time in Haiti check out 3 Ways to Empower Haiti.

fair trade coffee

Singing Rooster Coffee

Singing Rooster works with small producers in Haiti to ensure farmers are fairly paid, treated respectfully, and to provide resources for Haitian suppliers to grow their businesses. Through their partnerships Singing Rooster is able to supply U.S. markets with gourmet Haitian coffee and provide Haitian farmers with the opportunity to expand and reach new markets. 

Singing Rooster's partnering farmers are paid a MINIMUM of $3 per pound which is about twice as much as most farmers receive. Singing Rooster returns another 50 cents after crops sell for continued business development. The remainder of cost pays for export/import, transport to roastery, warehousing, roasting, bagging, shipping. Since Singing Rooster is a non-profit 100% of proceeds from sales back to farmer communities in the form of agricultural, small business management, and entrepreneurial development activities.

empower haiti

Lazarus Artisan Goods

Lazarus Artisan Goods works in Haiti and Honduras to ignite generational change with employment and vocational training through their non-profit Mission Lazarus. Mission Lazarus' three year program trains and equips young men and women in a trade, increasing their eligibility for employment and heightening their potential development, an impact beyond the individual to that family, community and the country as a whole.

Haiti Made

Haiti Made is united around quality products, dignified jobs, and economic sustainability in an effort to diminish abject poverty and fight against the orphan and child slavery crisis in Haiti. Their quality leather goods and knitwear products provide employment to many parents working to provide for their families.

ethically made beanies

HandUp Global Goods

HandUp Global Goods (HUGG) works with teen orphans in Haiti by providing them with sustainable employment, opportunities to learn about financial literacy, and finding guidance through spiritual development. Through this process HUGG is working to provide young Haitians with a "Hand Up" instead of a handout, encouraging these young individuals to be able to provide for themselves. 

ethically made jewelry from Haiti

give a damn shirt

Give a Damn Goods

Give a Damn Goods short sleeve tees are made by a partnering supplier in Haiti fighting generational poverty. LIFE, the Haitian facility where the shirts are produced, is among a number of ventures developed to create dignified work that keeps families together. They pay workers 5x the going rate for similar garment factory jobs in the area. 100% of LIFE's profits are dedicated to programs that support orphans.


ShareHope is a people oriented activewear brand empowering garment workers in Haiti. Profits from their ethically made leggings are reinvested into educational and health focused social programs, furthering the growth of garment workers and creating bright futures for Haitian workers. 

ethical legging brands

ethically made sandals

Deux Mains Designs

Deux Mains Designs is a social enterprise creating shoes and accessories using locally sourced leather and recycled tires. Employees are paid fairly and treated with respect. Deux Mains Designs pays 220% of the minimum full time Haitian wage and has employed over 25 full time employees. I got to visit Deux Mains Designs while in Haiti and their work is incredible.

Papillon Marketplace

This was another impressive social enterprise we visited during my time in Haiti. Papillon Marketplace is working to keep families together through job creation. Papillon Marketplace artisans are trained, fairly paid, and craft beautiful accessories & home goods. Papillon Marketplace even has daycare on sight to allow parents to work and keep families united.

2nd Story Goods

2nd Story Goods focuses on creating recycled, ethical, authentically designed goods. Haitian artisans working with 2nd Story Goods are paid fair wages, approximately 135%  the minimum wage in Haiti. These fair wages encourage artisans to support their local communities by being able to invest in schools, churches, and supporting other local businesses.

haiti made jewelry

Haiti Design Co.

During my study abroad adventure to Haiti, we visited Haiti Design Co. Haiti Design Co. is a social enterprise bridging the gap between American consumers and artisan goods, creating steady employment and opportunity for Haitians. Haiti Design Co. is an incredible community with co-founders Chandler and Josh going above and beyond by focusing on the well-being and advancement of the whole person. Through multiple initiatives they train, house, and employ Haitian artisans. Since opening in 2014, Haiti Design Co. has employed over 150 artisans. Partnering artisans are trained in leather working, jewelry making, sewing, metal working, and other specialized skills allowing them to craft the goods Haiti Design Co. sells in America. Haiti Design Co. provides artisans with steady work and an encouraging an environment, empowering their employees to rise out of poverty. 

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