Twinkle Apothecary: Natural Body Care

As consumers we tend to be conscious of what we're putting in our bodies...but what about what we are putting ON our bodies? What we put on our bodies is just as important! Those silly products will chemicals and toxins, yep, that can sink into your skin. Icky! Thankfully, I met the amazing woman behind Twinkle Apothecary who is crafting natural body care products!

Twinkle Apothecary is an all natural, vegan, eco-friendly, cruelty free line of skin, body, bath, & perfume products. So much goodness in their mission! Twinkle Apothecary was started by an independent mom-preneur, Stefanie. Founded in 2015, Stefanie began her mission to craft her own body care products after struggling to find natural, vegan deodorant that could keep her smelling great through out her busy lifestyle. Fast forward a few years later, Stefanie has crafted 15 fragrances and quite a variety of products for Twinkle Apothecary.

Each item is handmade with love by Stefanie in Oklahoma City! The small batch products are made using plant based materials - free of parabens, petrol, preservatives, phthalates, and artificial fragrances. ALL Twinkle Apothecary products are PETA approved vegan & cruelty free. Twinkle Apothecary strives to keep their products affordable for consumers. Twinkle Apothecary has a great sample section, allowing customers to try a small amount of product before purchasing the full size. 

Twinkle Apothecary also gives back through their apparel and accessory products. Various goods give back to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Planned Parenthood, and  F*ck Cancer. 

I've always been pretty hesitant about what I put on my skin. For years I have been struggling to find a natural deodorant that actually! And I FINALLY found one thanks to my visit to Twinkle Apothecary in OKC. First of all the texture of the product is smooth and can be easily applied. Some of the other natural deodorants I tried were more rough and irritated my skin when I applied. While Twinkle Apothecary has a variety of scents, I picked the Pétiller Deodorant and it smells AMAZING! And the packaging is biodegradable! How freaking cool?! I'm obsessed! My love for their deodorant led me to try a few of their other products too! 

The Shave Oil is PERFECT for summertime! With ingredients such as lavender, sweet orange, basil, and juniper, this oil smells incredibly refreshing. I used this product for shaving my legs and it left my skin feeling so smooth, similar to baby oil. 10/10 would recommend!

Dope Queen Products: I appreciated the fresh, earthy smell of the Dope Queen balm and perfume. This rejuvenating smell is created using ingredients such as mint, rosemary, lavender, ginger, and basil. The balm left my skin feeling well moisturized.

Facewhip: The facewhip was great for my skin. I used this product similar to a primer. I applied, let it soak in a bit, and then applied a small amount of make-up! The facewhip worked really well for me and left my skin feeling well moisturized, but not too heavy, as some moisturizers do! This product has a neutral smell to it which I appreciate as well since I was applying this to my face. 

I sincerely encourage you to give Twinkle Apothecary a try! Their products are amazing and as Stefanie says, "When you buy our products, you're not only helping a single mom raise her son independently, you're also voting with your dollar to stand against corporations that test on animals. For that, you have our heart forever."