Fruit That Gives Back: Sunrays Citrus

sunrays citrus fruit that gives back

Sunrays mandarin oranges are revolutionizing the produce industry by encouraging consumers to "snack with an impact." For each bag of these sweet snacks packed, Sunrays makes a donation to Save the Children.

Sunrays is part of Jac. Vandenberg, Inc., a New York based, fourth generation, family-owned produce company. The idea behind launching a new brand of clementines was to maintain the friendly, healthy element, while going the extra mile and giving back to a partnering charity.

Save the Children's work in Syria was especially relevant around the time of Sunrays development. This encouraged Sunrays to do some research and begin building a relationship with the team at Save the Children. Since launching in June 2017, Sunrays has donated over $53,000 to Save the Children. In 2018 Sunrays plans to work closely with Save the Children to focus in on certain projects addressing specific causes such as children's health, education, and other social issues. Sunrays plans to highlight various individuals and communities that are impacted by the programs, allowing consumers to learn how their produce purchase is directly impacting the lives of children in need.

fruit that gives back

Sunrays social impact goes beyond donations and extends into the farms. Sunrays holds their produce to high sourcing standards. Currently the mandarin oranges are being sourced from four hundred farms in six countries. Each farm must meet high level global standards, ensure fair labor practices, positive work environments, and place an emphasis on sustainability. Sunrays are Non-GMO Project Verified which demonstrates their dedication to transparency, allowing a third party to verify their phenomenal work. Sunrays minimizes the waste footprint of the produce industry by using 100% recyclable packaging....yes, the netting & the film are recyclable! Woohoo!

I'm so impressed with Sunrays! It is tricky to find produce options that have a social impact, but I am glad to see this dedicated brand leading the way. I love that Sunrays values the planet, the people, & the produce. Sunrays is paving the path for transparency and social impact in produce. The oranges are GREAT! Very fresh and the perfect snack! I love starting my day off with some fresh citrus. 10/10 would recommend especially with this chilly weather, oranges are a great way to fight off cold!

So where can you find these delicious "snacks with an impact?" While a little more difficult to find during the winter months right now, in the summer Sunrays are easy to find at big name stores such as Meijer, Kroger, Brookshire, Aldi, Safeway, Sprouts, Tops and more. So keep your eyes open next time you're picking out your produce for the friendly Sunrays label.

Thanks to Sunrays Citrus for sponsoring this post & being part of The Honest Consumer community!