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Over the years I have developed quite the network of ethical and socially minded brands. I want to use this lovely network to connect retailers and make social impact goods available to consumers everywhere. This led me to launch Give a Damn Goods Wholesale, an online social impact wholesale platform connecting retailers with socially responsible brands.

Socially responsible shopping is on the rise and according to CauseGood, 52% of shoppers worldwide check product labels to ensure the brand is committed to positive social and environmental impact. The Honest Connection strives to make it easy for retailers to participate in changing the world through consumerism. The Honest Connection currently represents 20 brands that carry a variety of products and have different missions. I offer FREE consultations to boutiques and retailers interested in carrying ethical brands, give back products, and socially responsible goods, in order to help identify which brands will be most successful in their stores given current products carried, price point, and style. For more information about socially responsible wholesale goods please check out Give a Damn Goods Wholesale.

Retailer Perks of Give a Damn Goods wholesale

  • Browse our catalog & discover new brands for FREE.

  • Order products from multiple different brands in one place instead of trying to deal with multiple wholesale reps.

  • Avoid individual brand order minimums

  • The products in our wholesale catalog are NOT marked up at all. Give a Damn Goods Wholesale does make a commission from the brand, but not at your expense.

  • Give a Damn Goods Wholesale will consult retailers on brands that will fit well in your store given your current product selection, price point, & values. Consultations are FREE too!

  • Give a Damn Goods Wholesale unique wholesale catalog allows retailers to shop by Brand, Cause, or Product Type. This allows store owners to discover brands that help causes near & dear to their hearts.