My name is Emily. I am on a mission to share the stories of social enterprises, spread the word about ethically made goods, shine a light on conscious living, share my anxiety, and encourage others to live transparently.

I started The Honest Consumer because, while studying social enterprise at Belmont University, I was exposed to many businesses impacting various communities. As I told my friends about these social enterprises, they were interested too, but did not know where to find socially responsible goods. Through my studies I realized, as a fast paced society, we have the luxury of quickly purchasing all our goods in one quick stop. While the instantaneity may be convenient, this has created a disconnect. We do not always take the time to stop and ask the tough questions: Who made this? Why is this so cheap? How is this good impacting the lives of those who produced it?

I was inspired and wanted to create a trust worthy outlet for people to find products with an impact. I want consumers to be excited about what they are buying, where it is coming from, and the difference their purchase can make. I speak with most of the companies I feature, either by phone or in person, to accurately share their story with my followers.

Since launching in 2016 The Honest Consumer has experienced an incredible organic growth rate. I am amazed by the growing amount of people who care. Consumerism is moving in a positive direction. Through the growth of this community I've been able to collaborate with some amazing companies and inspiring business owners. I have had the honor of being featured on The Good TradeSocial Change NationBelmont ETP, & The Nashville Guide. Recently, I was able to expand to launch my own mini-marketplace, Give a Damn Goods.

PC:   Sarah Prabhaker   Romper :    The Fabric Social     Sunglasses:   Dynamikos   Necklace: Sweet Lupine

PC: Sarah Prabhaker Romper: The Fabric Social Sunglasses: Dynamikos Necklace: Sweet Lupine

Eventually, I would love to gain enough following so that I am able to travel and show followers what businesses are impacting their community, but for now running this ethical lifestyle blog is my part-time job! I am SO grateful for the support I have received so far. I am excited to see where this journey leads. Be sure to follow The Honest Consumer on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and sign up for the weekly newsletter. 

As I am The Honest Consumer, I want to be straight forward with you, some of the posts are sponsored or contain affiliate links, which means if you purchase an item The Honest Consumer receives a commission, however, our commission is at no additional expense to you! :) If you choose to make a purchase we appreciate your support. The commission received helps keep the site as a free resource to those interested in conscious consumerism. However, I only collaborate with companies that I truly believe in their products and the cause they are supporting. I put a lot of time into researching, writing, photographing, interviewing, and testing goods. I pour my whole heart into this and hope that one day I am able to make this a full time job while keeping promotion affordable for socially responsible companies. 

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