4 Things I Love About My Counselor

I was opposed to talk therapy for quite sometime because I had the wrong counselors. After crashing and burning in college, I decided it was time to try again. Finally, on the fourth counselor I found a match. All it took was a recommendation from a friend to change my life. Since I started counseling with this lovely lady, I have learned a lot about myself, my triggers, and grown as a person.

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Just Breathe vs. Just Be

"Just Breathe." We've all heard it and probably said it to someone. Maybe you tell yourself this sometimes? Quite frankly it is one of my pet peeves when I'm struggling with anxiety and somebody tells me to just breathe as if I am consciously making the choice not to breathe. Trust me, if I could "just breathe" I would. It's not always that simple. 

Just Be seems to be a more effective strategy for me when dealing with anxiety. It tends to help me acknowledge my feelings and embrace the struggle. During panic attacks I tell myself that I'm going to be in this moment and that it's going to be hard, but it will be over soon.

Breathing with Anxiety

If you are a family member or friend to someone who suffers from anxiety you can use this strategy too. Just be in the moment with the person suffering. You don't always have to say things like just breathe or it'll be okay. Typically, I prefer if you don't. Hold your loved one, hug them while they cry, and just be in the moment with them. I'm not saying the Just Be strategy works better for everyone, but if you, or someone you love, is struggling it is an approach to try.

Acknowledging our feelings can be difficult because socially we are always taught to hide them, but just be encourages us to embrace and acknowledge the struggle. Just breathe focuses on the moment being over and everything being okay, sometimes making me feel ashamed for having a moment of sadness or struggle. It's human to feel sad, hurt, and all these emotions that tend to have a negative connotation. Your feelings are valid. Your struggle is real. You are strong. Just be.

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The Mom-Preneur Life: 3:04am

Time: 3:04 a.m. I broke my rule. I checked my phone when the baby woke up to breastfeed. Just one little peek, I swear. I got an email asking to review my subscription box on instagram. So, a good 15 minutes later looking at the account and I’m still not sure if it’s a good fit. Gaw. The kids are asleep and I should be too. Dang it. Double fail.

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Toxic Relationships: Evaluate, Let Go, & Be Free

When you're already struggling, double checking every move because of your anxious mind, the LAST thing you need in your life is a negative presence.  You know who I'm talking about. Someone's name comes to mind...might be a friend, a family member, or even a significant other. 

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13 Reasons Why Reflections

13 Reasons Why is raw and real. This show is heavy. It's not for everyone. I encourage you to take caution when watching. I watched in small doses. It talks about the hard stuff. I thought it was beautifully written to encourage viewers to take responsibility for their words and actions.

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Struggling with School: 7:05am

Once again I find myself struggling. Struggling to get out of bed. Struggling with school. Just having a hard time. 

As I've said before school is a trigger for me. Right now is a difficult time with finals around the corner.

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A Little Bit of Honesty

A little bit of honesty from The Honest Consumer. I'm sure you have noticed I have not been posting as frequently. In all honesty I've been struggling. This semester has been hard for me. I'm in some challenging classes, working two jobs, an internship, and running blogs. My mind has felt quite scatterbrained lately.

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A Rude Awakening: 12:40pm

Two days in a row with a rude awakening, this morning I woke up at 7:20am feeling like someone was pushing on either side of my chest, trying to fit a square into a circle. The discomfort makes it hard to function.

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Anxiety Triggers

Triggers are different for everyone. Sometimes they are identifiable and sometimes the discomfort just strikes. Simple tasks such as driving (and parking), talking on the phone, going new places, large groups of people, and answering questions in class set off my anxiousness. It's frustrating for me because I know these are tasks I have to do every day and no matter how many times I do them I still feel uneasy.

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Yes, I Can: 3:46pm

The worry and stress of others can sometimes ignite my anxious feelings. While I know my loved ones have good intentions with their concern for me, sometimes their concern feeds my anxiousness and sparks self doubt.

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