Proud Pour: Drink Good Wine for a Good Cause

Wine That Gives Back

Wine that gives back? Yes, please! Pour me a glass & lets cheers to change! Proud Pour wine gives back to environmental restoration through partnerships with non-profit organizations working to restore ecosystems. Currently Proud Pour is focusing their cause based efforts on the oysters and bees in North America.

After feeling trapped in the corporate world, Proud Pour founder Berlin Kelly discovered her passion crafting fermented beverages. She ended up joining the New York City’s Homebrewers Guild to refine her skills. After connecting with Billion Oyster Project, Berlin was inspired by their work to restore the New York harbor ecosystem, specifically focusing on oysters which help filter the water and create habitat for fish and other marine species. Berlin thought that by partnering with Billion Oyster Project and starting a wine company, this created an opportunity to combine her passion for the environment and love of sustainable food & wine. Berlin launched Proud Pour in 2014 and brought on co-founder Brian Thurber a year later.

Proud Pour’s Sauvignon Blanc is a light and refreshing wine, organically grown in Mendocino County. Personally, I loved the lemon-citrusy taste of Proud Pour’s Sauvignon Blanc. This is the perfect white wine to drink in the summertime and pair with seafood, including sustainable, farmed oysters. With each bottle of the Sauvignon Blanc sold, 100 wild oysters are restored to the ecosystem through Proud Pour’s non-profit partnerships. This is incredibly important because a single oyster can filter 30 gallons of water daily. Proud Pour is currently working with 18 nonprofits to restore wild oyster reefs in 20 estuaries across the U.S. Along with giving monetary donations to their non-profit partners, Proud Pour is involved in numerous events promoting their partners and educating the public on why the restoration work matters.

The sustainably grown, vegan Pinot Noir from Proud Pour has a flavorful fruity taste. Honestly, I’m not much of a red wine drinker, but I was particularly fond of Proud Pour’s Pinot Noir. Their unique Pinot Noir comes from a vineyard in Oregon and helps plant 90 sq ft of  bee habitat with each bottle sold. Proud Pour’s Pinot Noir supports the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation. Among its many programs, the Xerces Society works to restore wildflower habitats around farms to provide habitat and food for the 3,600 bee species native to North America. Proud Pour’s donations are regionally based, which means wherever your purchase their wine, bees in your area will benefit.

If all that goodness doesn’t give you a reason to host a happy hour, I don’t know what will! Cheers to change! I encourage you to look into trying Proud Pour. Their wine can be found in restaurants and stores in 20 states around the country. To make it easy, Proud Pour has a map on their website! Click here to discover where you can find Proud Pour and drink for a change. And if Proud Pour isn’t in a location near you….start asking for it and create the demand!