The White Rainbow Project: Jewelry That Creates Community for Widows

Jewelry Empowering Widows in India

The White Rainbow Project creates a safe space for widows in India to thrive. The ladies are empowered to provide for themselves through the creation of jewelry, scarves, and accessories.

When chatting with Executive Director, Katie, I learned that in India it is common for widows to be cast out of society, which forces them into a life of poverty and exploitation. Founder Linda learned about Vrindava, The City of Widows, through her son’s reading assignment. Linda’s curiosity with the Indian culture grew as she had married an Indian man. Linda felt called to help the widows realize their self-worth and provide for themselves.

In 2012, Linda opened the first White Rainbow Center in Vrindava, in Northern India. The center not only provided employment and income for the women, but empowered them to create a supportive community embracing each other’s presence. The venture grew to acquire new partners and open a second White Rainbow Center in South India. The White Rainbow Center in South India has employed twenty-three women part time. The community is made up of widows and single mothers while functioning as a co-op. This means each individual is given a fair wage, but the women have chosen to put it into a fund to help each other when needed. They prefer it this way because they all know the money will go where it needs to go. 

The northern India White Rainbow Center allows women to work three days a week and caters to widows living in government shelter and the surrounding areas. The White Rainbow Center provides medical stipends, food, shelter, and employment to encourage women to make a living and embrace their self-worth.

Jewelry Empowering Widows

The White Rainbow Project creates goods out of recycled sarees and locally sourced materials. The goods are made with fair trade practices ensuring the women fair wages and safe working conditions. The White Rainbow Project has some beautiful pieces the are unique to Indian culture, but also meet U.S. fashion trends. I absolutely love my bracelets from The White Rainbow Project. They are the perfect touch to any outfit. I encourage you to support their unique mission. The White Rainbow Project is addressing a social issue that is not commonly talked about in the United States. I think it is wonderful that they are educating others on the cultural isolation these women experience. I encourage you to support their mission.