Vitamin D to The Rescue: Supplements Fighting Human-Trafficking


I am SO excited about the work Vitamin D to The Rescue is doing! Vitamin D to The Rescue is a new brand of vitamin D supplements that gives back to nonprofits working to end human trafficking. For each bottle sold, $5 is donated to their partnering organizations.

As most of you know, I recently moved to Seattle. Yep, you guessed it. I’m definitely not getting my fill of vitamin D. At first I kind of brushed it off since we moved to Seattle in the summer I wasn’t as effected, but for almost the entire month of October I was feeling super sluggish, a huge lack of energy, and after some exploring discovered it was my vitamin D deficiency making me feel this way. Here’s the thing, after chatting with Dr. Brandan, founder of Vitamin D to The Rescue, I learned that over 40% of people (even those who live in sunny states) don’t get the amount of vitamin D they need. That’s why vitamin D supplements are so important!

Supplements Fighting Human-trafficking

Vitamin D to The Rescue was founded by Dr. Brandan after years of teaching healthy living through his chiropractic practice and his newfound education of human-trafficking issues. When Dr. Brandan learned about human trafficking, the issue really hit home when he realized young girls, just like his daughters were being trafficked. Dr. Brandan wanted to take action and help. He was inspired by Blake Mycoskie’s book, Start Something That Matters. Since he was currently selling vitamin D supplements in his chiropractic office, he decided to use this as an opportunity to start a business and make a difference. Vitamin D to The Rescue was born with a similar business model to Toms. For each bottle sold $5 is donated to their partnering organizations working to end human trafficking.

Dr. Brandan has partnered with some local organizations in the greater Charlotte area and a few larger organizations including A21 and Polaris. It is estimated that are 40 million people currently trapped in modern day slavery and Vitamin D to The Rescue has a goal to donate as much money as possible to support organizations fighting against this brutal practice.

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Along with giving back, Vitamin D to The Rescue is also awesome because of the quality of their product. Vitamin D to The Rescue isn’t just any vitamin D. As stated on their website it is the best absorbed vitamin D. Their supplements contain K2 which helps the absorption of vitamin D. Vitamin D to The Rescue also comes in a few different forms which is great. The traditional pill form and the liquid form. The liquid form that works well for kids who aren’t too crazy about pills or for putting in a smoothie, coffee, or any other liquid that makes it easy to gulp down.

Recently, I had the honor of trying Vitamin D to The Rescue’s supplements. I tried both the pill form and liquid form. Vitamin D to The Rescue’s mission gets me excited to take my supplements everyday! And since I started taking vitamin D, I really do feel more energetic. Vitamin D to The Rescue is definitely my go-to supplement brand! I’m so grateful for the work Vitamin D to The Rescue is doing...1) raising awareness of the lack of vitamin D which I personally didn’t consider much before moving, but have now realized what a huge issue it is, 2) Giving back to non-profits fighting modern day slavery, and 3) Educating people on both issues. Such important work! I urge you to be sure to take your vitamin D supplements and give Vitamin D to The Rescue a try! You’ll love their passion, the mission, and the product.