5028: Small Batch Artisan Shoes Crafted with Upcycled Materials

upcycled shoes

5028 is a small-batch artisan shoe company focused on the art of crafting shoes through ethical practices and upcycled materials. Their limited edition shoes are crafted with deadstock materials making their shoes extra special due to only producing up to 250 pairs of a particular style/color. 5028 furthers their social impact by donating $5 from each pair sold to mental health support groups.

With a background in footwear design, 5028 co-founder, Angilina set out to create thoughtful shoes. Through previous jobs she had witnessed the wasteful impact of mass production. While in Europe Angilina was impressed by the high quality shoes produced by locals who cared about the artistry of crafting shoes. Combined with her interest in deadstock fabrics, Angilinia decided to utilize the art of shoemaking, unused materials, and high quality goods to start 5028, a thoughtful shoe brand focussed on making wearable pieces of art. Today 5028 shoes are ethically crafted in Spain & Portugal utilizing deadstock materials which prevents unwanted materials from ending up in landfills. While upcycled shoes make up part of 5028’s current collection, in the future 5028 hopes to make all their shoes from upcycled materials.

upcycled shoes

5028 shoes are released in small batches. Customers are able to pre-order to save money, reserve a pair of the limited edition shoes, and help reduce waste due to 5028 being able to predict consumer demand for a particular style of shoe. 5028 incorporates rich leathers and intricate details into their designs, making their shoes comfortable, wearable works of art. 5028 shoes also use recycled footbeds that are engineered from scraps and repurposed into footbeds. These upcycled shoes are high quality and crafted to last.

5028 donates $5 from each pair of shoes sold to mental health support. Angilina and her co-founder husband Mike, chose to donate to this cause in honor of her brother who is struggling with schizophrenia. Currently 5028 is donating to Aspen Strong, an organization connecting people struggling with mental health to resources needed and helping people learn how to support their loved ones struggling with mental health. Through 5028’s partnerships they hope to help normalize the conversation & break the stigma around mental health.

As most of you know, I’ve been very transparent in my struggle with anxiety. So 5028’s give back initiative is near and dear to my heart. So important to start the conversation about mental health. I’m glad that there is a shoe brand focusing on ethical craft, recycled materials, and mental health support. Such a unique mission. Recently I got the chance to try out some of 5028’s shoes. I love my Reprise Upcycled Leather Sneakers. The unique sage green is a fun color to have in my closet. The recycled footbed (made from waste regrind) provides good support. And I can tell from the high quality leather that these sneakers were artistically crafted to last. It’s crazy to think these beautiful sneakers were made from materials that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill. If you’re looking to invest in some new sneakers I would definitely recommend checking out 5028.

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