The Honest Truth About Holiday Gift Guides

the truth about holiday gift guides

If you haven’t already checked out the 2018 Ethical Holiday Gift Guide and the 12 Days of Shopping Socially Responsible, PLEASE do so! I worked really hard to create these resources for our conscious community. The truth about gift guides is they are actually pretty tricky to make. I love doing the research and creating these resources for you all! Hopefully you find them useful! Here are a few confessions about the tedious process of making gift guides!

1) They’re SUPER time consuming.

I started crafting this years Ethical Holiday Gift Guide before Halloween! Yes, that did make it harder because I wasn’t feeling too festive yet, but if I don’t start early it doesn’t get done in time for holiday shopping. Taking the time to go through brands products and find images that look good together. I didn’t even finish the guide until the week before Thanksgiving! It took me a month to put together!

2) No, I don’t make very much money off of them.

Don’t worry, I’m not getting rich off anyone’s holiday purchases (tbh I’m not getting rich off this blog at all). These are genuine brands I believe you should support! Yes, I do technically make a little money off the guides. There are some affiliate links within the post which means I might make a commission if a follower decides to make a purchase (don’t worry, at no additional cost to the shopper). And some of the brands I do have previous monthly partnerships with. But considering how much time I put into creating the guides, I really don’t make enough to account for the time it takes.

holiday gift guide truths

3) Keep it fun!

Often times holiday gift guides can be overwhelming and holiday shopping can be stressful! That’s why I tried to do a fun, interactive personality trait based holiday gift guide! I always think it’s fun to try and match people with ethical gifts based on their interest and traits! I think this keeps shoppers entertained and helps them easily identify fun gifts for their loved ones!

All that to say tis’ the season and I’m happy to do the research for all of you! Please take advantage of the resources, share them with your friends, and support these wonderful businesses who are part of The Honest Consumer community.