TREAD: A More Sustainable Leather Sneaker by Everlane

Everlane’s new sustainable leather sneaker brand, TREAD, focuses on using less waste, less energy, and 54% less virgin plastic. TREAD strives to be a zero impact sneaker brand by one day closing their production loop. This means TREAD would only use recycled + natural materials and off-set their carbon footprint. TREAD has already taken great strides toward this goal with The Trainer sneaker.

Most shoe soles are made of entirely plastic, but the sole of TREAD sneakers is 94.2% free of virgin plastic and made with recycled and natural rubber instead, keeping 18,000 pounds of rubber out of landfills—and cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 54%. The shoe laces and insoles are made from recycled plastic which comes from recycled water bottles. There are 9.5 bottles used to make each pair of shoes. The use of these recycled materials reduces the carbon emitted to make those elements by 18%. TREAD has partnered with A Gold-Certified Tannery which focuses on eco-conscious leather tanning practices. (***Stats curtesy of Everlane)

tread by everlane

The carbon footprint of TREAD production is 100% offset through TREAD’s partnership with NativeEnergy. Through this partnership TREAD calculates the carbon footprint and supports “NativeEnergy’s work with ranchers to improve cattle-grazing practices on American grasslands—which leads to better soil health, cleaner waterways, and greater carbon sequestration into the soil.”

Style of TREAD by Everlane

I received the Lavender Trainers from TREAD and I love the style of these shoes. They have a unique retro design to them which makes them a fun addition to your closet. TREAD has a variety of unique colors in The Trainers. I chose the lavender color because I felt it was a fun summer color that was light enough to still match with a variety of outfits. As someone who is a bit short I appreciate the extra bit of height these sneakers give me.

Fit & Feel of Everlane’s New Leather Sneakers

I followed Everlane’s recommendation of sizing up for half sizes. I typically wear a women’s size 7.5 in shoes and received a size 8 in TREAD sneakers. The 8 fit me perfectly. For the first few days they felt a bit stiff, but after wearing them for a week or so I began to break them in and fall in love. These sneakers are very sturdy and definitely built to last.