The Ultimate Relationship Test: Owning a Small Business

If you really want to know if someone is “the one” launch a business. ;) Owning a small business can turn into something that financially and mentally consumes you and having a supportive partner is incredibly important. Whether you’re launching the business together, on your own, growing a small business can make or break a relationship. If you don’t have the moral and financial support of your partner this can cause strain on your relationship, mental health, and impact the success of your business.

I’m incredibly thankful for the support of my fiancé, Jake.

The Honest Consumer & Give a Damn Goods would not be possible without Jake’s support. Both moral and financial support. I’m not really at a point where I can take a steady salary. Most of what comes into my business, goes back into the business to attempt to grow and get to a point of financial sustainability. While my revenue stream has been positive the past year, it’s just not at that point yet. Jake’s been so supportive in understanding that growing a business to the point of financial sustainability takes time & encouraging me to continue pushing forward. It’s important to have a partner who believes in what you’re doing and understands that small businesses don’t just become crazy successful overnight.

It can be draining (on both of you). Small business owners work 50+ hour weeks just to keep control of their own life and live out creative freedoms….only to make $0. And when you have a rough week and are so beat down and want to quit…’s so important to have someone on your side who will remind you you’re doing a good job and a person who really believes in what you’re doing.

I tend to take things with my business personally….1) because I’m the only one running this baby business and 2) because of my anxiety. I can’t shut my mind off when problems arise or I have a rough day. It eats me alive. Having a significant other that listens to my struggles and talks me down is really helpful. Jake keeps me sane.

I feel that communication has been key for us. Every so often Jake & I sit down and I show him how I’m being proactive, the changes I’m making to my business, and how I’m moving toward a point of financial sustainability. I truly feel that if your significant other sees your passion for what you’re doing and believes in what you’re doing this is key for success.


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