Wear Clothes for Better: FBNW Apparel

For Better Not Worse (FBNW) creates fun, casual apparel that is designed & printed in Los Angeles. With each clothing item purchased, a bag of groceries is given to a child in need through FBNW's partnership with the Boys & Girls Club in Southern California. 

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BRANDED Collective: Empowering Survivors

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The first product I want to feature is a personal favorite! BRANDED Collective sells some fabulous jewelry that is, not only, trendy but tells a story as well. The Nashville based social enterprise employs survivors of human trafficking. The survivors partner with local artisans to create unique jewelry, and a portion of the profits go towards building their lives.  

Why “BRANDED?” The BRANDED Collective website explains it perfectly.

“Many victims of human trafficking are BRANDED; their captors physically mark them with a number or symbol. The process is often violent: a forced tattoo, a burn, or knife cut. When you receive your item from the BRANDED Collective, you are BRANDED.  Each piece contains a unique number that represents one of the millions trapped in the nightmare of trafficking.”

Along with the number, another unique feature of the bracelet is the tiny letter carved at the end. Each bracelet has a letter representing the name of the woman who crafted the piece of jewelry. I love this feature because on BRANDED Collective’s website you can scroll over your letter and learn about the woman who made your jewelry. The letter adds a personal touch and allows customers to have a connection with the woman behind the product.

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