What's The Deal With Microplastics in Clothing?

Microplastics seem to be a topic of growing conversation in regards to clothing. So what are microplastics? Why are microplastics in our clothes? And how are microplastics harming the environment? Let’s discuss & see how we, as conscious consumers, can take action!

Basically microplastics are what they sound like…tiny pieces of plastic. Clothing made with synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic have plastic in them. Microplastics are typically released when washing garments made from these synthetic fibers. A lot of our athleisure wear such as leggings are crafted using these synthetic fibers.

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Recycled Water Bottles Turned to Sustainable, Stylish Table Settings: BottleCloth

Starting to dream up your holiday table setting? BottleCloth table linens are perfect for adding pizzazz with a touch of sustainability. BottleCloth's bold table linens are made out of recycled plastic bottles. 

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