Jackalo: Sustainable Kids Clothing Crafted to Last

Jackalo is a sustainable brand of children’s clothing that is ethically made and crafted to last. This kid’s clothing brand encourages parents to invest in high quality products for their children & take part in circular fashion. Great lessons to start teaching kids at a young age!

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4 Ethical Clothing Brands to Keep Your Kids Styling

Keep the kids styling as they head back to school. These four brands bring unique style and social impact to your child's wardrobe. What we dress children in is so important. We don't want chemicals from harmful materials seeping into their precious skin. Choose natural, sustainable, and organic garments like the brands below sell! 

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Mini + Meep: Organic Fashion for Kids

Mini + Meep creates earthy, eclectic style for tiny humans beginning their journey in the world.

Mini + Meep founder, Fay began creating watercolor based designs in college. She realized she could use these designs to create a positive impact. Fay, and her close friend Michelle, used the nature inspired designs to co-found The Tote Project. After The Tote Project took off, Fay decided to create a similar line of clothes with her baby on the way soon.

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