Love Your Body & Get in the Water

It’s summer time and time to #getinthewater! I was gifted this adorable swimsuit from Lime Ricki…and TBH I’m pretty sure this is only the second time I’ve ever posted a swimsuit pic in my entire 23 years of living.

Yes, I have a tummy. Yes, I have love handles. Yes, my sides are a bit uneven. All thoughts that cross my mind on occasion. But nothing I let stop me from having a good time and getting in the water. I’ve definitely been in that place of comparing my body to others…and I’m not gonna lie my mind still goes there on occasion. But in the beginning of my 20s after working on myself, practicing regular self care, and reaching a positive place of valuing myself, I began to see that the energy + time I spent comparing myself & my body to others wasn’t doing anybody any good. It was valuable time and energy I could be spending cherishing my body, enjoying the beach, or having fun in the pool.

My body is unique & beautiful in it’s own way….just like everyone else’s body. And the idea of a perfect swimsuit body is silly because as they say, “every body is a beach body.” So love your love handles, celebrate your stretch marks, & treasure your tummy because you are beautiful & life is too short to spend time hating your body. All bodies are amazing and different so put on your swimsuit, power pose, & enjoy the water.

Lime Ricki is doing a great job of spreading body positivity with their swimsuits ranging from XS-3XL. They carry a wide variety of styles allowing customers to find a flattering fit for their body type which I LOVE. Their swimwear is made in the USA & gives back. A portion of each purchase goes to purchase goes to Charity Water, an organization that brings clean and safe drinking water to developing nations. While today’s post is focused on self love & body positivity, stay tuned for my swimsuit review because I LOVE this swimsuit.

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