7 Sustainable New Year's Resolutions

Still thinking about that perfect 2019 resolution? Here are seven ideas to help encourage more sustainable living! Grab a buddy and pick a couple that way you can hold each other accountable and become conscious living experts together!

shop local new years resolution

1) Buy Less, Choose Well

Start 2019 off right by deciding to focus on buying less and investing in quality products that will last. Each time you go to purchase something ask yourself questions such as….Is this something I need? Is this something I will use? Who made this item? Was the maker paid a fair wage?

2) Shop Local

Shop local farmers markets to support your local farmers and know where your food is coming from! Shop local vendor fairs to support the creatives and entrepreneurs in your area! Shop local boutiques to support small businesses near you! All of these are great because your purchases benefit your local economy and support community members!

buy more fair trade new years resolution 2019

3) Use Reusable Produce Bags & Grocery Bags

This is an easy swap that could have a huge impact on the planet…and actually an impact on your wallet too. Depending on where you live certain cities have started charging consumers for grocery bags. So bring your own bags!! This reduces the amount of plastic bags that end up the landfill! YAY! Reusable bags and reusable produce bags are an affordable alternative to plastic! Most reusable produce bags can even be thrown in the washer which makes reusing a breeze!

4) Purchase More Fair Trade Grocery Items

Grocery stores have a wide range of fair trade products if you just start looking! Even common chain grocery stores such as Kroger, QFC, and more have their own store brands that are fair trade! A few easy swaps to get started buy fair trade are fair trade sugar, spices, chocolate, tea, coffee, and bananas. By purchasing fair trade you are ensuring that the farmers are getting paid and treated fairly!

5) Switch to Fair Trade Tea/Coffee

If you’re not ready to take the plunge and search for multiple fair trade items, coffee and tea is a great place to start. These caffeinated beverages are something we drink and purchase regularly which is why this one switch can be so impactful. My personal favorite fair trade coffee is the Singing Rooster Vienna! This awesome brand pays their coffee farmers about double what typical coffee farmers are paid. They even have recyclable k-cups too which is awesome! Ensure your coffee farmers are paid fairly by switching to a fair trade brand this year!

sustainable new years resolution

6) Drive less.

Swap your car for a bike or walk! This allows you to get your exercise and reduce your carbon footprint!

7) Start Composting

When food ends up in a landfill this can create methane gas contributes to climate change and global warming. If our food scraps end up in compost and the compost is treated properly, it produces less methane gas than a landfill. There are a lot of local services that will pick up your compost and compost properly! Search for a service like this near you and order a compost bin!