A Note to Unethical People on The Web: Stop Stealing Images & Graphics

It’s 2019 y’all. And it never ceases to amaze me how just unethical people can be. I was on Pinterest yesterday and saw that someone has stolen a graphic I had made to try and sell their jewelry. Okay, okay this has happened before and I report it to Pinterest, they remove it, I know the drill and am kind of used to it. It makes me mad every time, BUT this one really got me worked up. It featured an image from my engagement photoshoot. A photoshoot I paid for. A photo that showed off MY engagement ring. A photo that is special to me. A photo that showed off MY engagement ring. A photo that is special to me. A photo that a skilled photographer spent time and effort taking. I did an exact image search on Pinterest and found FOUR other accounts that had stolen my image trying to link back to their own jewelry sites which 1) were NOT ethical jewelry and 2) this is obviously not an ethical act. How incredibly rude and hurtful to use someone else’s graphic that features THEIR own ring & photo from an engagement shoot to try and sell your unethical jewelry. Oh what’s really ironic one of these women claimed to a social media consultant.

My original pin (to the right)….says “Ethical Engagement Rings” which links to a blog post of ME talking about the brand I got my ethical engagement ring from. Why in your damn mind would you (of all posts) steal a graphic that says ethical? Because that is 100% NOT ethical and the jewelry websites these people tried to link to were not ethical or eco-friendly. I get it the lines are blurry as to giving photo credit and such. We all make mistakes. But this mistake….?? I feel is pretty obviously unethical and clearly unavoidable. You like an image on Pinterest? Great REPIN it and let the person who created that pin know…do not try and create an entirely new pin, steal the image, and link to your own website. That is LOW.

stealing graphics from pinterest

I’m pretty vulnerable online and share a lot with my followers which I love doing because I feel like it creates a better community and deeper connections. And I guess I have to deal with the risk and consequences. But honestly I expect more from people. If you ever see an image of mine or another content creators not linking back to their website. PLEASE let them know. And if you ever are in desperate need of an image consider services like Pixabay, Canva, or Creative Market instead of stealing images from others.

Obviously I have reported all four to Pinterest and am hoping they’ll be removed soon. I even commented on the pins explaining just how unethical this is trying to educate them. And If you have any tips on how to protect your images & graphics I’m all ears.

Copy Cat Pins featuring My Engagement Ring

unethical pins on pinterest
copied pins on pinterest
stolen image on pinterest

And I know that unfortunately there are many more out there…..