Sanaya Set: Self Care & Social Justice

Social Justice Subscription Box

Sanaya Set is a seasonal collection of intentional products focused on self care and social justice. This beautifully curated set, available by subscription or as a stand-alone purchase, is empowering womxn and educating individuals on intersectionality. No, womxn is not a typo silly, keep on reading!

Sanaya Set was inspired by Tarul and Tejal’s (founders) journey. Throughout their lives, they have seen how feminism goes beyond gender and witnessed how the color of skin impacts the way individuals experience the world. After Tarul had  a daughter of her own, she wanted to launch a movement to empower womxn and share the journeys of individuals coming from different backgrounds and experiences.

Tarul and Tejal launched Sanaya Set to help educate others on intersectionality and pave the way towards a better world. Sanaya Set encourages consumers to be open minded and learn from the stories of others. While each collection has a unique theme, such as fighting for freedom or being fierce, all boxes have products sourced from minority owned businesses. So cool! In my three years of blogging I haven’t come across a subscription box that focuses on supporting minority owned businesses.

Books About Social Justice

Socially Responsible

A few items in the box are consistent and the rest are seasonal. For example, each box has a book focusing on intersectionality, a sweet treat such as chocolate, and artisan made jewelry. The Sanaya Set team take a lot of pride in sourcing their products as they make sure the products are socially responsible and work to build relationships with the business owners. This allows the team to make sure the products in the box align with the mission of Sanaya Set.

Gives Back

Each quarter when a new box is released Sanaya Set partners with a non-profit organization to donate 10% of profits to. Sanaya Set has donated to organizations such as OneAmerica, which focuses on immigrant and refugee advocacy organization, Planned Parenthood, and ACLU which works to defend the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States. With the launch of the Fierce collection in October, they are raising awareness of domestic violence with a purple theme and donating to local non-profit API Chaya. They have also launched a new Intersectional Marketplace that features individual intentional items for purchase, and 10% of the net proceeds from these items will go to Women for Women International!

Ethical Fashion Subscription Box

Gender Neutral

Sanaya Set uses “womxn” to ensure their clients know they strive to be inclusive to all genders and  to show solidarity with the trans community. This is another way Sanaya Set continues to empower marginalized communities.

I was lucky enough to receive both the Freedom and Fierce Sanaya Set collections and I’m in love. Such a unique mission and their focus on intersectionality and empowering diverse businesses is so important. I think it’s great that this subscription box is socially responsible and gives back too!

The Freedom Collection

Social Justice Subscription Box

The Freedom Collection included a wonderful variety of items such as the Sari Bari Bon Boho Bag, Grace Eleyae Gray Satin Pillowcase, Divine Chocolate Toffee & Sea Salt, Purpose Jewelry Dusk Drop Earrings, a signed copy of Born Confused Signed By Tanuja Desai Hidier, Alma Botanicals Fresh Bloom Luminous Glow Mask. The Freedom Collection also donates 10% of proceeds to OneAmerica, which focuses on immigrant and refugee advocacy organization. This fun mix of goods has everything you need for both the perfect night in and a night out. Have a nice self care Saturday by enjoying your Divine Chocolate while relaxing on your Gray Satin Pillowcase with your face mask. While doing all this you can kick back and read Born Confused. I haven’t had the chance to read Born Confused just yet, but I am really intrigued and excited to get started. I learned from Tarul that Born Confused is the first South Asian American YA novel that includes South Asian LGBTQI characters/themes.

Don’t feel like staying in? Put on your snazzy Dusk Drop Earrings. The bold black design will add pizzazz to any outfit! These beautiful earrings come with a story too. Purpose Jewelry products are made by survivors of human trafficking. After you’re bedazzled grab your Sari Bari Bon Boho Bag and head out on the town. This unique bag is made from a recycled Sari. Sari Bari also provides job opportunities and a safe environment to women who are vulnerable to trafficking.

The Fierce Collection

The Fierce Collection featured Mullein & Sparrow Lavender Blossom Body Oil, Claws Out Intersectional Nail Polish, The Color Purple by Alice Walker, Rise Vegan Suede Clutch by Sandra Smith, Fierce Necklace by ActivatedNYC, Cultura Craft Chocolate Espresso & Sea Salt Bar, Buttermilk Co Basmati Rice, & the Spark Change Beanie by Esjay Creations. The Fierce Collection was curated in honor of October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month. You’ll find that this box is centered around the color purple which is meant to symbolize peace, courage, survival, honor and dedication to ending violence.

Self care subscription box

This collection provides all the accessories you need to make a bold statement. The Fierce Necklace is great for that little boost of extra self confident. This pendant that reads “Fierce” is a reminder to be strong, speak up, and initiate change. I love the detail within the black rose. The Spark Change Beanie is the perfect compliment to the necklace. This fall favorite lets the world know you are a changemaker. I love the Vegan Suede Clutch. The minimalist color of the grey allows you to pair this clutch with almost any outfit. The fun addition of the tassel adds a pop of color. Labeled with the word “Rise” this is a great reminder to uplift others and create positive impact.  

All in all I’m very impressed with Sanaya Set. Their collections are beautifully curated with a fun variety of goods. It’s fabulous to see a company so focused on including all genders and races. We need more of this open heartedness in our country! The Fierce Collection was just released four days ago so I encourage you to head on over to Sanaya Set and order yours before they’re gone!

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