"You Don't Have to Know What You're Doing, You Just Have to Start."

I’ve been in Dallas celebrating my brother’s graduation. After hearing countless speeches on following your passion and finding your purpose, I’ve been reflecting on how grateful I am that I found my passion so early on. Entrepreneurship, ethical fashion, & social impact have been great passions to discover and pursue. But meanwhile I’ve been watching plenty of my friends in their 20s struggle to find their purpose: stuck in jobs they don’t like, regretting their majors, and feeling lost in life.

These pressures that begin even before the high school level of knowing what the future will hold, declaring a major before entering college, and having your shit together, encourage kids to just plan their future and not take the time to discover their passions. I think finding your passion has a lot to do with knowing your true self. Figuring out your likes, dislikes, what gets you excited, & being confident in who you are. Discovering who you are….not who you are when your friends are around. Learning what you want….not what your family wants for you. And learning who you are not. Feeling lost is part of the road to self discovery…to an extent.

Recently I saw a graphic on an entrepreneurship page that said, “You don’t have to know what you’re doing, you just have to start.” I’ve been obsessed with this graphic. When I started The Honest Consumer….I certainly didn’t know what I was doing or where the journey would take me. And three years later….confession I still don’t really know what I’m doing. And that’s okay. TBH most people don’t have their shit together…even if they appear to.

People often act like I have my shit together and know what I’m doing because I own a business. When it’s actually quite the opposite…..having a business makes me feel so much less put together and clueless. If you know me, you know I regularly refer to myself as the Star of the Shit Show! Every day is different and I don’t know what the day is going to throw my way. Somedays are hard…very hard. Somedays I want to quit. But I show up. Even when I have no idea what I’m doing or how to handle a specific situation. Part of the entrepreneurial journey is feeling lost, learning something new everyday, pivoting your approach, and being able to go with the flow. And it’s all of that which makes owning a small business exciting. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, but this challenge and excitement keeps me on my toes and feeling passionate.

So if you’ve recently graduated or you’re struggling to figure out your passion I have a few words of advice…..“You don’t have to know what you’re doing, you just have to start.” Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams and follow your heart. Let go & Let Life. It’s okay to not have a plan or break away from your intended plan. You just never know where it will lead you. Slow down and take times to get to know yourself. I promise it’ll help you find clarity when you reach a place of self love and confidence.