The Struggles of Being Sick as a Small Business Owner

small business owner sick

I’ve been offline for a week now because the past couple weeks have been a blur. Vendor fairs for Give a Damn Goods, hopping on a plane to Dallas, watching my brother graduate, hopping on another plane home to Seattle, & another vendor fair…..and in the middle of it all I got sick. I know getting sick was my body’s way of telling me I’d been trying to do too much and urging me to slow down. But when you get sick and you’re the one woman show behind your business…..sometimes you have to push through it. I worked an all day vendor fair last Saturday while I was sick and it was a struggle. I had already invested money in the event. And I don’t have a team of employees who can stand in for me. So I pushed through and I’m glad I did because it was a good vendor fair, but I think that in ability to slow down when I needed to prevented me from healing quickly.

small business owner and mental health

And today after another day of sleeping all day, binge watching Riverdale, and eating chicken noodle soup I’m left feeling anxious. Anxious about getting being behind on my work, wondering how long before I feel 100% (it’s already been a week), and battling that urge of wanting to something, but having the energy to do nothing at all. Even though I physically stepped away from my business to allow my self the healing needed….mentally I can’t shut it off. Endless to-do lists I make in my head while laying in bed. Glimpsing at my inbox every once in a while to make sure there is nothing urgent…only to be overcome with a sense of anxiety to the never ending amount of e-mails I haven’t responded to. My web traffic and social number dropping. And the stress of not evening knowing where to begin diving in when the time comes to jump back in.

All this to say it’s okay to slow down and listen to your body. This is something I’m still learning. And while I don’t have any answers to mentally shut off your business while you recover…..know that those e-mails and to-do lists will be there when you get back and are in a better place to tackle them.

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