My Experience Dress Shopping for a Sustainable Wedding Dress

sustainable wedding dress shop

And so the journey to planning an ethical & sustainable wedding continues! When I first started researching ethical & sustainable wedding dresses, I found a decent amount of online wedding dress companies that specialize in made to order wedding dresses which is great. But as someone who had no idea what kind of dress I wanted….I didn’t feel comfortable ordering a wedding dress online. Plus I wanted the wedding dress shopping experience, trying them on until I found the one! Luckily I discovered Brides for a Cause. Brides for a Cause is a non-profit bridal boutique that sells wedding dresses for charity. This unique bridal shop focuses on collecting & reselling wedding dresses while empowering women. The proceeds from wedding dresses sold are donated to women focused charities. I love that they’re giving back and valuing circular fashion in the wedding industry. Read my full post about Brides for a Cause’s mission here. It’s funny because when I found Brides for a Cause I was living in Texas, but ended up moving to Seattle for Jake’s job….so I was able to visit their shop and shop in person for my dress. Now similar to ring shopping…..I felt overwhelmed and was really nervous to go wedding dress shopping. For a few reasons….

wedding dresses that give back

1) I had NO clue what I was looking for. Literally none.

2) I really don’t like trying on clothes. My weight fluctuates and I’m not a stick figure, so sometimes going into a store and trying on a bunch of clothes that don’t fit can lower my self confidence. I was afraid that was going to happen with wedding dress shopping.

3) I’m VERY indecisive. So I went in thinking, I’m going to have to come back five times and it’s going to be such a process to get myself to commit. But….

wedding dresses that give back

THANKFULLY I was lucky enough to meet Meghan and Michaela, two lovely ladies who are part of the Brides for a Cause Seattle team. And oh my gosh, I had the best experience. I straight up told them I was nervous and clueless. They immediately calmed my nerves and said it was okay if I didn’t find anything today or if I felt too overwhelmed and need to shop in steps that was okay too. Thankfully they’d done this a few times before and helped me along. I started by picking out five dresses that spoke to me on the rack. We went through those and I tried them on while telling the ladies what I loved/didn’t love about each dress. Soon they started getting a sense of my style and bringing me dresses. There was one dress they brought me that did end up being the one I said yes to.

I wasn’t sure how you were supposed to know which dress is the one, especially as an indecisive person, haha. BUT YOU DO KNOW. When I tried on “the one” everything after just didn’t compare. I felt confident and happy. I narrowed it down to the top three dresses and re-tried those on to confirm “the one.” When I put the one back on, I could see my face in the mirror light up. The dress moved with me beautifully. And yes, I almost cried. I didn’t want to be one of those people who cried at a dress….but I almost was. I am SO excited to show you all my dress. Sadly we have a little less than a year until our wedding, so I won’t be able to show you for a while. But trust me I’m ready. I want to wear it today! It’ll be worth the wait.