Connecting Customers to Their Products Through Stories

give a damn shirt

While Fashion Revolution Week is coming to an end, I’ve spent the last few days connecting customers to the stories behind products at a vendor fair for Give a Damn Goods. Shoutout to my supportive mama for helping me with this one! It’s always nice to get out from behind the computer and be able to share the stories of products through conversation because you never know where the conversation will lead. One of the many joys of running Give a Damn Goods is seeing the lightbulb moment customers have when they are intrigued by the story behind a product.

Connection and conversation are just some of the many reasons shopping in-person is still important. To build those connections, meet the makers, learn the stories, which will then lead to more conscious consumers is a special in-person shopping experience. After vendor fairs I always feel inspired by the big groups of people shopping locally to support small businesses, the work of other creatives, and by the conversations had with potential customers.

My hope is that when consumers feel connected to makers and the goods through the stories, it will make them start questioning the stories behind other goods. Asking those tough questions…Where was this item made? Is there slavery in this industry? Was this person paid a fair wage? And the more people we have asking these questions the better! This spring and summer I encourage you to find local vendor fairs and craft fairs to check out. Support your local makers, creatives, and shop small. I’ll be doing a few more for Give a Damn Goods here.