Self Care Sunday

self care tips

Self-care is incredibly important when it comes to mental health. I am a student with two part time jobs, an internship, class work, and three websites to manage. Sometimes I just need to breathe. A few of my self-care tips.

1. John Mayer. His music cures all. Enough said. 

2. Pick a place you love and go once a week. This could be a park, a coffee shop, or any other place that brings you peace. I go to the Farmers Market every Friday and treat myself to a fresh juice. This gives me something to look forward to. Even if I am feeling anxious, getting out and about can really help. 

3. Slow mornings & coffee. I feel so much better when I can wake up slowly, peacefully drink my coffee, and sort through my thoughts. I feel as though this brings clarity to the rest of my day. However, this does not happen very often, but I make a point to do this at least once during the weekend. 

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