Hello Again from the Overcommitted Entrepreneur

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After a busy week filled with travel & three vendor fairs for Give a Damn Goods….I’m back…and exhausted. You may have noticed I was offline for a few days partly because I was incredibly busy and partly because I needed a break from the online world. Running online based businesses can consume you in the internet life, so it was nice to step away and really connect with Give a Damn Goods customers in person. However, while doing this I definitely overcommitted….three vendor fairs in one week was too much.

It’s easy to lose sight of self-care and personal time when trying to expand a small business and overcommit. I’m guilty of not setting boundaries for myself. I’m guilty of wanting my business to grown and expand, but not being patient….this is part of what led me to overcommit. Learning how to stay organized and set boundaries between personal and work life is something I’m still learning. So, this week I’ll be taking things slow trying to recover from last week and practicing some self care. Thanks for your patience and for following along my journey exploring entrepreneurship, ethical clothing brands, conscious living, & all that life throws my way.

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