White & Green: Luxury Organic, Fair Trade Bed & Bath Linens

Organic Home Linens & Towels

White & Green is a family run company working to bring organic into consumer's homes. This transparent brand sells organic, fair trade bedding, towels, baby clothes, and other home products. Through their sales, White & Green is also educating consumers on the importance of  organic goods in the home.

After Sari had experienced frustration with low quality sheets as an interior designer, she gathered her entrepreneurial daughters and the family set out to create the best bedding in the industry. The ladies spent years researching, traveled to India to visit organic cotton farms, & visited Fair Trade Certified factories to make their company as socially responsible as possible. Their high quality bedding was a hit with consumers, allowing them to expand their products to include organic towels, baby clothes, and blankets.

So why is organic important in home linens?

Through their travels Sari and her family were able to see the impact of non-organic cotton. The spraying of pesticides and chemicals is harmful to the health of the farmers, communities, and negatively impacting the environment. Pesticides seep into soil, get into the water, and individuals can be hospitalized due to the implications of these chemicals on their health.

Fair Trade Organic Bath Towels

White & Green encourages consumers to take pride in purchasing organic, fair trade home & bath linens. By buying organic consumers are supporting farmer safety and making a positive choice for their own health. Our skin absorbs what we come into contact with, therefore if we are sleeping on sheets with chemicals that is seeping into our skin. AND think about how much time we spend in our beds.....scary stuff! Same with our bath towels and the clothes we wear. Natural, organic fibers allow our skin to breathe which is why White & Green's work is incredibly important. The White & Green Fair Trade Certified factories are organic only factories which means the health of the employees is not at risk. The Fair Trade Certified ensures that factory workers are paid and treated fairly. The White & Green team visits their factories every two years to ensure quality. White & Green's transparent supply chain is just one of the many reasons this is a great brand.

Recently, I was able to try out White & Green's towels. White & Green's towels are very well made and high quality. The care and craftsmanship is obvious in the detailed stitching. I appreciate the weight of the bath towels. They are soft, heavy, and absorbent, but not too heavy to where you feel weighed down. The light grey is a beautiful neutral color that goes well with the light colors in our bathroom. The towels wash well and feel fresh. I encourage you all to consider including White & Green organic linens in your home.

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