Breaking Down The Basics: A Guide to Ethical Underwear

Toxic dyes and pesticides are not a good thing to be wearing around....and the underwear department is nothing to mess around with. The materials that come in contact with our skin can seep into us and that's why organic and natural materials are so important! Underwear is an easy place to start! Check out these brands bringing organic and natural underwear to consumers!

PACT Apparel: Affordable, Organic, Fair Trade Underwear

PACT Apparel specializes in creating affordable basics such as underwear, tees, and socks. All of PACT's apparel is organic and Fair Trade Certified to ensure fair treatment or workers and high quality goods. 

Boody: Budget Friendly & Sustainable Underwear


Boody is encouraging consumers all over the world to add eco-friendly essentials to their wardrobe. Their affordable, ethically made bamboo viscose products allow consumers to explore and enjoy the comfort of eco-fibers through everyday basics such as bras, underwear, and activewear.

sustainable underwear

WAMA: Hemp Underwear

Hemp Underwear

WAMA Underwear is an organic, hemp underwear brand encouraging consumers to think about the materials that are in contact with their body, specifically undergarments. Their blend of organic cotton and hemp create a breathable undergarment for consumers.

sustainable underwear brands

Organic Basics

Organic Basics believes underwear is the most important garment and works to make high quality products by using organic materials which are 100% eco-certified and meet the highest standard.

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