2019 New Year's Resolutions from a Small Business Owner

small business new year resolution

Another year has come and gone. I learned a lot in my first year as an official small business and I’m excited to take all the lessons learned into 2019 and continue to grow. These are a few of my entrepreneurial new years resolutions for 2019. I’m hoping that by writing them on the blog maybe I’ll be able to hold myself accountable!

1) Better work/life balance.

Honestly, my work life balance is absolutely awful. I work on the weekends, holidays, and late into the night. Part of the problem for me is that I can’t schedule creativity and when inspiration hits, I take advantage of that. But it’s a problem not being able to step away and take breaks regularly. In 2019 I’m hoping to gain a better work life balance and be okay with shutting work off. The start-up life is crazy and hard to balance all the hats you have to wear along with your personal life.

small business writing

2) Value myself & my time more.

This one comes from a tricky place. I’ve always struggled with valuing my work. As I’ve discussed before, as a conscious lifestyle & ethical fashion blogger, I do charge brands for my writing because I’ve worked hard to grow an organic community and it takes a lot of time to write these pieces. I know that by industry standards I underprice my writing, however, I work with a lot of small social impact brands who don’t have marketing budgets. And yes, I do some free features because I want to help brands doing good, but financially and time-wise it’s not good for me, especially as a small business owner trying to keep my own business afloat. For years finding the balance between paying myself a fair price for my time and skills and figuring out how to work with small businesses with low budgets has been a struggle. This year I’m hoping I can find more clarity with this situation and get to a point where I value myself and my work to industry standards. If you’re interested in more info on the ethics of paying bloggers please click here.

3) Patience with myself

As a one woman show, I wear lots of different hats. Some days I’m the graphic designer, accountant, photographer, writer, and more. And most days I have no idea what I’m doing. But I feel like I always need to know what I’m doing. With my anxiety I’m constantly worried that I’m doing everything wrong. This year I hope to teach myself more patience and understanding that I can’t be an expert in every single aspect of my business. Each year I learn more and grow. It’s a process.

small business revenue streams

4) Steady Revenue Streams

Writing is my passion. In 2018 I brought in some revenue from blogging, not much profit, but that’s okay! Blogging is what I love to do and I am able to bring in a bit of money through it, but it’s not necessarily a steady, reliable revenue stream at this point in time for me! (Although if I follow through with resolution #1 maybe it will be.) Being able to sustain my small business is very important and I need some reliable revenue streams in order to do that. That’s why I launched Give a Damn Goods & Give a Damn Goods Wholesale. In 2019, I’m hoping that I can start doing some regular vendor fairs to spread the word about conscious consumerism and create steady revenue streams! And this will allow me to meet more Honest Consumer followers in person, woohoo! :) I’m also hoping to find boutiques to regularly work with for Give a Damn Goods Wholesale to help them carry more social impact brands!