Mental Health Struggles + Running a Small Business

You might have noticed I’ve been posting less. Honestly, I was struggling mentally. But I’m back and doing a lot better now. My downward spiral started end of December. I took a few days off for the holidays + a long weekend in January when we had company + I got sick right after all that…although I’m convinced I was sick because my mental health was slipping. Anyway as you can guess, all of this turned into a mountain of unanswered e-mails for The Honest Consumer, some retail issues with Give a Damn Goods, and then all of the sudden I was SO overwhelmed I couldn’t function.

My anxiety took over. My mind felt cloudy. So much to do. I didn’t know where to start or how to jump back in. And it started to consume me. Couldn’t sleep which took away my focus which decreased my productivity. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. I tend to beat myself up when these mental health moments (by moments I mean weeks of fogginess) happen because I feel like I’m failing my business and our community. And I know I shouldn’t. Mental health is real and it’s important. I have the privilege and opportunity to be self employment which allows me to stop and address my mental health when I need to.

And I can’t identify why exactly today is the day, but I’m back. I woke up really focused and was able to work all day like normal. I tackled my mountain of e-mails, spent some time on Give a Damn Goods, followed up on new feature leads, and am honestly feeling so much better. I was so ambitious today I even started looking at my tax stuff….that’s super unlike me. It’s really nice to find that clarity again after struggling. Sometimes stepping back, feeling how you need to feel, listening to your body, and focusing on your soul is what you need to do. It can provide the direction you need and help you regain focus. It feels good to be back. And I wish I knew why today was different….but I’m just going to go with it.

If you also struggle with mental health I encourage you to check out the mental health section of the blog here.