It's Time for a Re-Introduction

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You know what’s crazy? Next month The Honest Consumer will be turning THREE YEARS OLD! Ahhhhh it’s so amazing to see how much this community has grown and developed over the past (almost) three years. But you know what’s also crazy? As our community has continued to grow I haven’t re-introduced myself. So here we go….a warm welcome to all of our recent followers! Special shout out for helping The Honest Consumer finally hit that 10K and here is a lil’ blurb so you can get to know me better!

I’m Emily aka The Honest Consumer. I’m an anxious creative advocating for fair fashion, social impact, mental health awareness, & conscious living. I’m a dog mom, a cat mom, engaged, a cheese lover, & a lady boss.

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I started The Honest Consumer because, while studying social entrepreneurship at Belmont University, I was exposed to a handful of socially responsible businesses positively impacting various communities. Through my studies I realized, as a fast paced society, we have the luxury of quickly purchasing all our goods in one quick stop. While the instantaneity may be convenient, this has created a disconnect. We do not always take the time to stop and ask the tough questions: Who made this? Why is this so cheap? How is this good impacting the lives of those who produced it?

I was inspired and wanted to create a trust worthy outlet for people to find products with an impact. I want consumers to be excited about what they are buying, where it is coming from, and the difference their purchase can make. Since launching in 2016 The Honest Consumer has experienced an incredible organic growth rate. I am amazed everyday to see the amount of people who care. Consumerism is moving in a positive direction. Through the growth of this community I've been able to collaborate with some amazing companies and inspiring business owners. There are so many change-makers out there working their butts off and it’s really wonderful. I get to learn about the struggles in different industries and talk to the innovators working their creative powers to better the world. I’ve been able to take part in some incredible industry events such as the Fair Trade Fashion Show.

Recently, I was able to expand to launch my own mini-marketplace, Give a Damn Goods, as well as, a wholesale program to help retailers discover new social impact brands, Give a Damn Goods Wholesale. This has been a whole new ballgame and I’m loving it. It’s definitely a challenge. Retail and wholesale are part of expanding the puzzle for me and I’m still working on balancing my time and refining my strategy. But you should definitely check out our classic Give a Damn shirts because they have a super cool story behind them.

That’s pretty much the gist of it all. Welcome to my chaotic, conscious life here at The Honest Consumer. Thanks for following along and being part of this journey