Lose a Bunch of Instagram Followers? You're Part of The Great Instagram Crisis of 2019

losing instagram followers due to bug

If you haven’t already heard by now…there is an Instagram crisis. Influencers, celebrities, and many other Instagram accounts have lost a decent chunk of followers the past two days due to a bug. For me, I lost a few hundred followers which sadly took away the 10K I worked so hard to finally reach, but mine was minor compared to some of the other accounts that lost thousands.

You may think I’m being dramatic (and I am a little bit) when I say an Instagram crisis, but there are a lot of small businesses built on Instagram that have been dramatically effected. When I first started out I was focused solely on Instagram, but someone told me early on in the blogging game not to rely on a single channel of social media for my following. And this proves to be very true! This tip I received early on has really helped my business grow because I focused more on web traffic and other social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest.

instagram bug causes millions to lose followers

Whether you use social media as an influencer or for business, focus on building your organic community in all aspects of your social following. If you have 100K Instagram followers and only 1,000 of those people actually go to your website….then when another Instagram crisis 2.0 happens….and a majority of your following is wiped out…where do you go from there? How do you rebuild? I encourage you to grow your communities in different places so that you are present on multiple levels and don’t have all your eggs in one basket. That’s my entrepreneurial tip for the day!

If you’re suffering from the loss of Instagram followers & the great Instagram crisis of 2019 I hope they resolve the issue and everyone gets their followers back. I’d like my few hundred back too. But if not, go forward with this little bit of information and work on spreading your following through out social media. ALSO if you want some hilarious entertainment….go read the comments on Instagram’s twitter. Some people are losing their minds.

Other articles confirming the bug can be found on Forbes, Instagram’s twitter, & more.