Just Ethical Goods: Connecting Consumers to Ethical Brands

ethical shopping

Just Ethical Goods is a thoughtfully curated marketplace encouraging consumers to discover & shop socially responsible brands. The beautiful website is user friendly allowing consumers to shop their values and easily sort goods by fair trade, organic, made in the USA, and recycled materials.

Founder, Larissa launched Just Ethical Goods after her own personal struggle to find ethically made workwear. She wanted to create a resource that was user-friendly, providing resources for consumers to shop their values.

With Just Ethical Goods, Larissa hopes consumers find ease in ethical shopping and are able to further their learning. While using Just Ethical Goods consumers can sort through the user-friendly tabs to identify what type of product they are looking for: shoes, clothes, underwear, accessories, etc. Just Ethical Goods then presents consumers with a variety of ethically made products and transparent brands. Through the process consumers learn about the ethics and values of the brand. Consumers can save their favorite items by creating an account so that they can take their time comparing pieces and shop thoughtfully. Eventually, Just Ethical Goods redirects consumers to the chosen brands website where shoppers are able to purchase the piece and discover what the brand has to offer.  


When adding brands to Just Ethical Goods, Larissa researches the brand’s transparency throughout the supply chain and the different ways brands are creating impact. Just Ethical Goods strives to support women owned, made in the USA, Fair Trade, and brands working towards positive change. Through Just Ethical Goods’ blog, Larissa shares the stories of brands and other aspects of ethical shopping with consumers, adding an additional educational aspect to the platform.

Just Ethical Goods has a beautiful selection of brands to get conscious consumers excited about shopping responsibly. I genuinely appreciate how easy this platform is to navigate. Just Ethical Goods makes it easy to identify and shop your values. Personally, I love the mix of brands on Just Ethical Goods. There are some big brands in the ethical fashion industry like ABLE & Everlane, but there are also some small businesses. It’s a good mix. I encourage you to check out Just Ethical Goods sleek, user friendly platform to browse and discover new ethical brands!

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