A Response to Recent Events in the Ethical Community

ecocult issues

Recently there have been some disheartening events in the ethical community. I’m still a bit overwhelmed regarding the EcoCult situation. I’m not going to re-write what happened, but there were some issues silencing the voices of women of color. If you’d like to explore the issues on your own please check out the stories on @little_kotos _closet Instagram account.

While I was part of the Ethical Writers & Creatives group started by the EcoCult founder, I do not condone the silencing of any voices of WOC in the ethical fashion community or in general. I joined the Ethical Writers & Creatives group under the impression that it was an open-minded, welcoming community for all, but given recent events I have removed myself from this organization.

In response to these events I want to say that we should not try to silence voices different from our own, we should listen to what they’re saying and take notes. As a white woman there are certain experiences and struggles that I will never be able to fully understand because I’m white. We can learn SO much from listening to (and following) WOC & the experiences they share going through life. You should 100% be following people from different walks of life….and not only online, but in real life too! I encourage everyone to be open to respectful conversations regarding race, class, privilege, and how those can impact life experiences. We all have something to learn from each other. Sharing stories and personal journeys is an important part of meaningful growth, understanding, and change.

The Honest Consumer does focus on my personal journey with conscious consumerism. And yes, I’m a white woman. So my journey will be very different from the journey of a WOC. I encourage you to follow many different accounts so that you are able to learn from varying journeys, embrace multiple perspectives, & continue to be educated through the experiences others may share.

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