6 Tips for Taking Photogenic Engagement Pics for the Anxious Bride to Be


Believe it or not I’m extremely uncomfortable in front of a camera. I know our engagement pictures look like we’re perfectly comfortable in front of the camera….but yes, even as a blogger I’m camera shy. I’m lucky to be surrounded by creative friends who are able to make me laugh and help me out when it comes to photography for my blog. And lucky for me, I had a similar situation with engagement photos. BUT I know not everyone has a Sarah in their life who happens to be your best friend and a lady boss running Our House Photography. Here are a few tips & tricks for taking photogenic pics & feeling confident in front of the camera.

1) Take your friends along with you.

When we were taking our engagement pictures, not only was my best friend Sarah the photographer, but we brought along one of our other friends too. This really helped lighten the mood. I felt less tense and more comfortable, like we were just hanging out with our friends. Jake & I were able to laugh and smile naturally because of the casual environment and our goofy friends. Try asking your photographer if you can have 1-2 friends tag along to help carry your belongings, crack some jokes, and make you smile. This really put me at ease.

2) Find a photographer you feel comfortable with.

Again, I know that not everyone has friends who are photographers. But finding a photographer is a task I took on for our wedding day. Since Sarah is my maid of honor, I need a photographer that I feel comfortable with to capture our special day. Thankfully Josie from Give Photography reached out to me. I was able to grab coffee with her and get to know her. I really felt like we clicked. Josie has a positive spirit and a kind soul. She is someone who is welcoming and shares a lot of the same values I have. And she has mad talent…I love her stunning wedding pictures and can’t wait to see how she captures our day. Don’t hesitate to build that relationship with your potential photographer. Get to know them, be honest and tell them if you’re uncomfortable in front of a camera.

3) Location can be key.

Find a place you are comfortable in. Maybe a regular date spot? We went down to one of our favorite arts districts. Being comfortable with the space can effect how you present yourself in-front of the camera. We went on a weekday because I don’t like a lot of people to be around photographing….honestly, it makes me self conscious. So going on a weekday really helped ease this stress for me. And going to an area that we had been to before made me feel comfortable knowing what to expect.

tips for taking photogenic engagement pictures

4) Don’t try so hard.

Engagement and wedding photos can put a lot of pressure on a couple to “perfectly” capture that special moment. But try to enjoy it. Don’t feel like you have to do all those perfect poses your see on Pinterest. Do what you feel comfortable doing and go with the natural flow of things.

5) Find poses you are comfortable with.

To ease the stress maybe look at Pinterest to find engagement photo poses you ARE comfortable with. This was something I felt anxious about….posing and not looking natural in photos. So Sarah and I looked through Pinterest together and each pulled a few poses we thought would work. I felt more comfortable sorting through the poses and picking out the ones I felt comfortable with.

6) Be YOU.

Dress like you would dress. Don’t like make up? Then don’t wear it. I’ve noticed in the wedding industry there can be such a pressure towards perfection that it can be tricky to stay true to who you are. It’s YOUR special moment. Remember what you want, what you like, your comfort zone, and who you are. Don’t feel pressured to go over the top or get all dolled up if that’s not you….because honestly that’s not me at all. I never paint my nails….so believe it or not for engagement photos my nails were all natural. I love ethical clothes. So I wore an ethically made dress and a secondhand dress for our photo session.