Global Climate Strike Day: 5 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Today is Global Climate Strike Day. A day where businesses are closing, students around the world are missing school, and people are coming together to unite and raise awareness of the climate crisis. While I think the Climate Strike Day is a wonderful idea, to be honest, you won’t find me at the public strike because of my anxiety. Large groups and loud noises are a huge trigger for me, so I’ve never really been able to take part in marches and rallies. And if you’re like me, unable to take part in large group strikes and rallies, but an advocate for the planet, it’s okay because advocating for our planet goes beyond today. You can make a difference by how you live your life everyday. Real change can happen when we implement eco-conscious practices into our regular routines! Here are five things I do on the regular to try to reduce my carbon footprint.

Sustainably styled in:  Give a Damn tee  from  Give a Damn Goods ,  Zero Waste Shorts  from  Tonlé  + upcycled leather earrings from Give a Damn Goods + Medium Cuff from  BRANDED Collective.

Sustainably styled in: Give a Damn tee from Give a Damn Goods, Zero Waste Shorts from Tonlé + upcycled leather earrings from Give a Damn Goods + Medium Cuff from BRANDED Collective.

Drive Less

I rarely drive. Jake & I walk pretty much everywhere or take public transportation. I pretty much only drive to my vendor fairs for Give a Damn Goods and that’s because I have heavy tables, chairs, and boxes to set up. We fill our gas tank up once every 2-3 months because we’re able to walk everywhere and take public transit. Driving less is a great way to decrease your carbon footprint.

Compost & Recycle

Composting is the best solution and unfortunately composting is not widely available in the USA. I’m hoping that changes soon. But recycling is okay too. I literally feel guilty when I’m out in public and don’t have the option to compost and recycle. It is actually physically painful for me to throw things away that I know should be going in the compost or recycling. Imagine if everyone felt that way? And was more conscious about thinking where their trash is going?

Don’t Buy Fast Fashion

If you know me at all, you know I stay away from fast fashion. The ethical and environmental effect of the fast fashion industry are really alarming and something incredibly important to me. The fast fashion industry is one of the largest polluters. And the culture creating of constantly needing more has an impact on our planet. Instead of buying fast fashion start valuing what you have, taking part in the circular fashion world, or investing in high quality ethical fashion that will last.

shop local farmers market

Waste Less

Value what you have and don’t be quick throw away or donate your things. Consider giving unwanted stuff to someone else you know will use them. If you do decide to donate items, donate wisely because there are a lot of donations that end up in the landfills. When you head to the grocery store avoid plastic. Try bringing your own produce bags and go for the produce that’s not wrapped in plastic. Consider buying just what you need for the next couple of days to avoid wasting food too!

Shop Local & Small

This is something I try to do on the regular. When you can avoid the big name brands that ship all the way across the world. Support small businesses in your area by shopping local. This can be as easy as shopping your local farmers market. Or heading the your local boutique to pick up a gift instead of ordering it online. Not only does this cut down on the shipping carbon footprint, but it is good for local economies, and cuts down on all that crazy plastic packaging from big name brand shippers.

And I get it, these are little things I’ve incorporated into my routine. Could I be doing more? Absolutely and I’m working on it! But imagine if everybody did these little things? What a difference it would make.

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