3 Ways to Get Your Friends Excited About Sustainable Fashion

How to Get Your Friends Interested in Ethical Fashion

Sometimes it's a struggle when you're trying to be a conscious consumer and your friends aren't on board. When my friends go to the mall, I love tagging along for the social experience, but often times it leaves me feeling sad that there is SO much fast fashion. Sometimes it makes me feel that no matter how hard I work to inform people, it's not gonna change. So I thought of a few fun ways to get your friends excited about sustainable fashion, get the conscious conversation started, and socialize with your crew.

1) Secondhand Fashion Show

Make it a contest and a fashion show! Set an agreed upon budget for $25 and head to the thrift store. See who can discover the best finds within their budget! After everyone has hit their $25 limit, head back to your house for some wine and a fashion show! Turn on the music and have everyone walk the runway showing off their secondhand finds. This shows your friends shopping secondhand can be fun, affordable, and maybe you can even throw in a few educational facts on the sustainability aspect while you're at it. 

How to Get Your Friends Excited About Sustainable Fashion

2) Up-cycle Brunch

This is a great way to clean out your closet and repurpose old garments! AND the perfect solution for the crafty-Pinterest type. I went to an up-cycle brunch hosted by Revive a few months ago! It was lots of fun! Invite your friends to bring their unwanted garments and host a craft brunch! Have a table for crafting with supplies such as scissor, needles/thread, beads, embroidered patches, fabric paint, and other supplies for up-cycling garments. There are so many tutorials and ideas online for reusing garments. Just YouTube up-cycle clothing for ideas, head over to Pinterest, or search Facebook for groups to join. Oh and don't forget the mimosas to keep your guests happy! 

Sustainable Fashion Party

3) Swap Party

This is an easy way to spruce up your wardrobe and clean up your closet. Invite your friends to drop their garments off before the party starts. Set-up the clothes like a boutique. Get out some hangers and push pins to hang the clothes up. Find some cheap clothing racks and set it up for the ultimate shopping experience. When your guests arrive they'll feel like they're shopping for new clothes. For each garment they brought, they can take one. This creates a fun social experience and prevents unwanted garments for ending up in the landfill. 

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