The Inner Anxious Control Freak

Ethically dressed in  Mata Trader’s top  +  Everlane Chino Shorts  + glasses from  Retrospecced

Ethically dressed in Mata Trader’s top + Everlane Chino Shorts + glasses from Retrospecced

So here’s a pic of me on the beach because that’s where I wish I was right now instead of anxiously glued to the computer. The technical issue with Give a Damn Goods is still not resolved and it’s making me anxious. For those of you who follow me on social media you know the website was adding incorrect t-shirt sizes to the cart. And it is still not resolved, while it is being worked on, I’ve been feeling panicky. It’s never good for business (or your mental sanity) when there is an issue with customers ordering your best selling item….but this has forced me to reflect inward.

My anxiety makes me a total control freak. I have to control as much as I can so that things run smoothly because knowing what to expect helps keep me calm. I read directions over & over again because I get anxious about driving and this makes me feel in control. If I’m going somewhere new I look it up so I know what to expect. And boy, oh boy….running a business tests my inner anxious control freak.

For the most part I do everything business related by myself….content creation, vendor fairs for Give a Damn Goods, financials, posting to social media, updating the website…and thankfully I have Jake to help me with photographs + technical website stuff. I enjoy it all, it helps me better understand all the moving parts of my business, and I know it gets done correctly, allowing me to plan accordingly. But this error with my Give a Damn Goods website was way beyond my control. Yesterday I spent three hours with customer service trying to identify the problem. I googled the issue and read a bunch of posts. I e-mailed all the apps I have plugged in to see if there were any recent changes causing the glitch. I had Jake look at the code. Ultimately, I did everything in my control to attempt to understand and fix the issues, but I can’t. It’s frustrating and makes me unnecessarily anxious to have to wait on responses from other people. And that I have to hire this out and wait for someone else to “get to it.” While this error is not only impacting my business, but also my mental sanity. Like legit I couldn’t sleep last night….and no I can’t just “let it go” or “let it be” because my anxiety is not something I can turn on and off whenever I please. And maybe this seems silly to you, but to me, my anxiety, & my business it’s not. Trusting someone else with any aspect of your business is hard. But especially when it’s someone you don’t know and an issue you can’t even begin to understand.

TBH I’m just writing this to process my own thoughts and in hopes that I’m not alone in being an anxious control freak. Maybe someone will relate to this and it will help them feel less alone. For now I’m going to continue sipping on my herbal tea and try not to throw my computer against the wall……

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