5 Reasons Give a Damn Goods Was Launched

A year ago I launched my mini-marketplace, Give a Damn Goods. And I am SO grateful for the support it received through the first year. Like WOW. Give a Damn Goods started because of a few reasons listed below….and I can’t wait to watch it continue to grow.

Sustainable Tees & Thoughtful Conversations

I had designed some tees inspired to start thoughtful conversations about conscious living. And around the same time I found a super cool eco-friendly + ethical t-shirt supplier in Haiti that I wanted to support, so it just kind of felt like it was meant to be. Our Give a Damn tees have started some pretty rad conversations and when people discover our tees are made from recycled & organic materials, this makes the message that much more meaningful! Thanks to the customers Give a Damn Goods tees have made a big impact this year, diverting 2,200 water bottles from landfills because each shirt is made with six water bottles, saving 14,800 gallons of water due to the recycled content in our tees, provided four days worth of living wages in Haiti, prevented 32 pounds of chemicals from being used, & so much more good. Stats from our t-shirt supplier’s impact calculator.

And our current popular tees Star of the Shit Show & Hot Mess Express are funny ways to encourage people to embrace the messiness of life and get away from that “instaperfect” lifestyle that we sometimes feel pressured to have. These have sparked some really fun conversations with customers.

Shop Small, Shop Local, Shop Vendor Fairs

I love vendor fairs. Like seriously…I shop vendor fairs, I now work at vendor fairs, and I used to volunteer at vendor fairs with BRANDED Collective. Vendor fairs are so fun because it gives small businesses the chance to connect with their customers. This is something that doesn’t always happen in the world of online shopping. What I also genuinely appreciate about vendor fairs is the chance to educate customers. There are a lot of shoppers who are unaware of issues such as slavery in the fashion industry, human trafficking, and all the craziness going on today. But through selling my tees & other goodies from my partner brands, I’m able to share these stories and get people thinking about their purchase power. And it’s a really cool experience.

Support Other Ethical Brands

Since I launched The Honest Consumer three years ago, I’ve built up a pretty extensive network of socially responsible brands that are doing great work. It’s honestly really cool to see so many change-makers out there. I thought by launching a marketplace, this would be the next step to supporting some brands I love. Obviously, I’m not at the point where I can take all of the brands I’ve written about and have them in my shop…but hey maybe one day we’ll get there. By selling their goods & doing some pop-ups are Seattle, I’m able to further share their hard work & spread their missions. Plus continue working with some incredible people!

Ethically styled in  Star of Shit Show Tee  form  Give a Damn Goods  + Sunglasses from Dynamikos +  Medium Cuff  from BRANDED Collective

Ethically styled in Star of Shit Show Tee form Give a Damn Goods + Sunglasses from Dynamikos + Medium Cuff from BRANDED Collective

Show Customers That Ethical & Sustainable Doesn’t Always Mean Expensive

Through my conversations with customers I’ve continuously heard the misconception that ethical & sustainable is too expensive. I wanted to feature brands and keep my own tees an affordable price point, so that people could take part in the ethical & sustainable consumer movement wherever they are in their budget.

Learn More About E-commerce + Retail in General

Through this first year of hustling to do vendor fairs and managing an e-commerce store, I’ve learned a lot. It’s actually very educational to be on the brand & blogger side of things so I can learn how to better serve brands as a blogger. I’ve truly seen the value in my blog services because I’ve seen how big of an impact traffic from The Honest Consumer can have on driving traffic to the websites of other ethical brands. I’ve always struggled with pricing and valuing the work of my blog posts (still very much do), but it’s been helpful to see the impact blogs can have for small businesses. I’ve struggled with inventory management. I’ve learned way more about managing money from the small business owners perspective. It’s truly been an eye opening year.

I’m SO grateful for all the support & to all the followers + customers who give a damn! I can’t wait to see what year two holds for Give a Damn Goods.