Find Your Freedom by Loving Yourself

Ethically Dressed in:  Hot Mess Express tee  from  Give a Damn Goods  +  Druzy Earrings  from  Kind Karma  + Cleopatra Sunglasses from  Dynamikos

Ethically Dressed in: Hot Mess Express tee from Give a Damn Goods + Druzy Earrings from Kind Karma + Cleopatra Sunglasses from Dynamikos

A few days ago I posted a swimsuit picture talking about body positivity and the journey to loving my body (you can read it here if you missed it). I’m so grateful for the support and love from this community. I always strive to write with honesty sharing my joys + struggles about mental health, body image, self love, and entrepreneurship because I truly believe in living as honest as I can. And it means the world to me that there are so many people in this conscious community who relate and show their support.

A lot of times when I write about my struggles or embracing my flaws I get messages from people saying things like how they “admire my courage” or that I’m “wise beyond my years.” But I honestly can’t imagine living any other way….why be someone you’re not? My close friends will tell you….I’m a terrible liar…I laugh every time so I can’t even attempt to go down that path. I have transparent facial expressions, so I suck at hiding my emotions. I can’t stand fake people or small talk…let’s get to the meaningful conversations. Now, I’ll admit back in high school I definitely tried to fit in, but I got over that real quick. I found that I’d rather be who I truly am and surrounded by people who love the real me rather than constantly trying to act like someone I’m not. There is freedom in embracing your flaws, not fearing your struggles, and loving your true self. I’m lucky to have found that freedom early on in life.

Knowing who I am has really helped me grow my business…my new line of t-shirts from Give a Damn Goods is all about embracing the struggle with phrases like Hot Mess Express & Star of the Shit Show. And people LOVE it which is so funny to me…that my messy life has become something so many people relate to. Along with growing my business, knowing who I am has helped me build impactful relationships, & find joy in life. But I realize self love is a journey and some people take a while to reach that point. That’s okay. TBH it took me about a year of dedicated therapy to truly get to that place.

So I guess I just wanted to write this to say thank you to this community for loving the real me. And to encourage those of you who are still on your journey to self love to love and embrace your flaws + struggles because when you do nothing will hold you back. Don’t let the world change you because you are unique & beautiful! And be sure to surround yourself with people who know your struggles and love you anyway. Being true to you is freedom.