4 Ways Building a Conscious Closet Can Help Identify Your Sense of Style

So often consumers get caught up in what’s trendy, what’s in, & designer brands. But by focusing on ethical and sustainable fashion, I think this can help consumers identify their own personal style and get away from trends. Yes, a bit ironic given the word “sustainable” is becoming trendy, but really focusing in on how style reflects a persons values can lead individuals to discover so much about themselves and the industry.

Benefits of a Conscious Closet

1) Dare to be different.

For me I always struggled with style….I liked the different, quirky things! I didn’t like shopping at the same ole’ stores that anyone could purchase from. So when I discovered ethical fashion it was incredible! All these brands doing good that craft is small batches, do good, and are unique. Apparel that has a story behind it! A win, win ,win! A lot of people don’t follow ethical and sustainable fashion (yet), so dare to be different and wear it before it becomes mainstream! :) Cause it’s growing and it’s getting there! Be a trendsetter and build your conscious closet.

2) The fast fashion industry continuously makes us feel as though we’re not good enough.

The fast fashion industry can make consumers feel as though they need more to be happy. Consumers are thrown into an endless cycle feeling as if they, themselves, are not enough and the goods they have are disposable. However, in the movement of slow fashion consumers are taught to value what they have, value the process of the crafting of a garment, repurpose apparel, and invest in garments that make the individual feel confident, will last, & can be re-worn many times. I think this sense of valuing what you have and not feeling a constant urge to need more can help with self image as well by reiterating the message that you have enough and you are enough. You don’t need more to be more.

Eco-friendly Fashion

3) Focus on inner values & reflect them through style.

By focusing on conscious consumerism, this gives consumers a chance to reflect on their values. Our personal fashion sense makes a statement about who we are and I believe that statement should also reflect our values. For me personally, I strongly believe that people matter no matter the race, class, gender, or religion, so I try to seek out companies that treat their employees fairly. When consumers realize the horror of the fast fashion industry I think this makes them take a step back and evaluate what their money is going toward. Consider how your style reflects your values! If you value love, kindness, and fairness ethical fashion sounds like a great avenue for your conscious closet. If you value the planet and environment sustainable fashion sounds like a good focus for your wardrobe!

4) Fast fashion brings a sense of immediate pleasure instead of lasting value.

If you happen to follow slow fashion, ethical fashion, or any of these type of movements you’ll see a theme of investing in quality pieces. A lot of consumers are thrown off by the price point of the higher end ethical & sustainable clothing brands, BUT you are investing in quality. These garments will last way longer than that $5 shirt you purchase. While impulse buys and great deals bring a sense of immediate gratification in the long run, it won’t last. Invest in lasting value, apparel that makes you feel truly confident, not something you’re just buying for a good deal or a single wear. By taking the time to deeply think about the clothes you’re purchasing this will make your wardrobe more special and bring clarity to your personal sense of style.