Everpillow: Sweet Dreams & Social Impact

Everpillow by InfiniteMoon is truly the one pillow that fits everybody. Not only is this pillow extremely comfortable and customizable, but it's socially responsible too. The Everpillow is made with natural materials allowing customers to sleep confidently. This unique pillow also provides employment opportunities for men and women transitioning back into society after overcoming homelessness, addiction, and/or incarceration through their partnership with Mile High Workshop.

After spending ten years in the mattress industry and 14 in the non-profit sector Everpillow founder, Steve, set out on a mission to create the ideal pillow for customers. Through years of research and feedback he developed a natural, customizable pillow. The business started off small in a small warehouse with family and friends stuffing pillows and creating community. The Everpillow initiative eventually grew into something much larger.

Eventually a former employee and friend wanted to branch off and expand the company’s social impact by starting a non-profit. This led to the founding of Mile High Workshop, a job training and employment program in Denver, working to rebuild the lives of individuals transitioning back into the workforce after overcoming homelessness, addiction, and/or incarceration. Through this partnership, Everpillow is able to provide steady employment for these individuals through the crafting of their pillows. Eventually Everpillow hopes to be able to higher Mile High Workshop employees internally as their company continues to expand and grow.

We are what we sleep on!

Seriously, our skin absorbs materials it comes into contact with, so it's important to have a non-toxic pillow, especially given how much time we spend sleeping. Everpillow goes above and beyond crafting their pillows to be hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and antimicrobial. The organic cotton cover is breathable, allows the filling to flow comfortably for consumers, and provides an opportunity to easily wash the pillow cover. Everpillow's Original filling is a mix of your choice of natural latex noodles, Kapok Silk, or a blend of both. Kapok silk is a natural cotton-like fluff that originates in the seed pods of Kapok trees in south-east Asia. Natural latex is harvested from the rubber tree and the latex is refined into rubber. The small latex noodles are usually discarded during the process, however, Everpillow is making  great use of this material in their pillow fillings.

The Everpillow is easily customizable. Customers can remove or add filling to match their comfort level. Everpillow even comes with a bag for customers to easily store their extra filling in. Everpillows come in a vacuum reusable bag which can be saved for travel or moving in the future. Jake & I recently moved and it was so easy to bring our Everpillows with us!

We have had the pleasure of sleeping on Everpillows for the past couple months and we LOVE them! Seriously, nothing but praise for these pillows. We were both able to customize the pillow to fit our comfort levels. My Everpillow is firm, but allows my head to slightly sink into it. I’m able to sleep confidently knowing my pillow is made with natural materials and has a positive social impact. I encourage you to reflect on what your pillow is made with and consider trying out Everpillow. Everpillow offers a 100-day-try-it-customize-it-sleep-on-it period to allow customers plenty of time to adjust and make sure they like their pillow.

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