Ethical Pet Clothing That Gives Back to Rescue Dogs

Ethically made dog clothing? Yes, it’s a thing! I’m so excited to connect with The Long Dog Clothing Company because they’re doing incredible work! The Long Dog Clothing Company creates ethically made pet apparel and gives back 15% of proceeds to local dog charities helping rescue dogs find their forever homes.

The Long Dog Clothing Company is a family owned company founded by husband and wife, Anthony and Courtney. As parents of two rescue dogs, Anthony and Courtney noticed an issue when traveling to colder parts of the country. The typical dog sweater didn’t fit their “long dogs.” The couple took this as an opportunity and Courtney decided to try sewing her own dog clothes to fit their rescue dogs and keep them warm through the chilly seasons.

Eventually the idea started to grow and turned into The Long Dog Clothing Company. Anthony and Courtney partnered with a local manufacturer in California to make ethical dog clothes. The Long Dog Clothing Company decided to partner with professionals to design the dog clothes to ensure a proper fit. With a reliable fit, The Long Dog Clothing Company sells fashion and practical apparel for pups.

Throughout this journey, Courtney felt called to do something that made a difference which prompted a give back aspect of the company. The husband and wife team felt that it made sense to give back to rescue dogs and started partnering with local rescue groups. In 2017, The Long Dog Clothing Company donated the equivalent of 14,000 meals to their animal rescue partners and they’re hoping to pass that number this year. The Long Dog Clothing Company’s past partnerships have included groups such as Pasadena Humane Society, Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue, Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California, Dachshund Rescue of Los Angeles, and Angel City Pit Bulls.

The Long Dog Clothing Company is also transitioning to include more sustainable materials in the crafting of their clothes. Currently they have a few items made with organic cotton and plan to expand their selection of sustainable clothing in the future. I really love that this pet brand is ethical, has sustainable options, AND gives back! So great that they check all the boxes!

I think The Long Dog Clothing Company has some pretty innovative items! I love the reversible sweater and am so excited for my little pup Jimmie to wear his this winter...adorable puppy pictures coming soon! AND they have raincoats! How cool? Raincoats that are actually functional for dogs! The Long Dog Clothing Company really focuses on the fit of the garments on dogs which I appreciate. They want the pet clothes to be fashionable, practical, and high quality which is important. I couldn’t be happier with their mission and the hearts of this incredible family owned business. If you’re looking for a holiday gift for your furry friend I encourage you to check out this wonderful company.