Trendy Necklace Layering With Kind Karma

Add some sparkle and shine to 2019 with Kind Karma jewelry! Kind Karma is a meaningful, minimalist jewelry line empowering at-risk and transitioning homeless youth in Toronto . Their unique jewelry is great for adding a touch of shine to any outfit while adding a bit of social impact to your accessory collection. If you missed their full feature, check it out here!

I have three Kind Karma necklaces and I LOVE them! I think one of the unique aspects about their necklaces is that they are stunning individually or layered. The Gold Coin Choker is one of my favorite for layering because it goes with just about any other gold necklace. Paired with another Kind Karma necklace such as the Rose Quartz Teardrop Necklace, it’s a modern, minimalistic style.

If you’re going for that fun, quick, yet sophisticated look, try pairing the Gold Coin Choker with the Cactus Necklace. I love the simplicity of the cute charm and the deep meaning behind the necklace. The meaning behind Kind Karma’s Cactus Necklace is

“They (cacti) are symbolic of persistence and resilience. These beautiful plants live in the harsh conditions of the desert with minimal water and resources and yet they are still able to thrive and flourish. Although as with all symbols, there are many meanings attached to the cactus, we love them because they provide a beautiful parallel to the strong spirit that all of our youth artisans possess to have overcome the multitude of obstacles they have encountered in life thus far." -Kind Karma

How fun is that connection to the mission of their company? I’m loving it! Be sure to check out their new silver line of jewelry too!

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