Slow Home Furnishings: A Test of Your Patience & Time to Reflect

Sustainable Home Furnishings

As most of you know Jake & I recently moved. I've been researching and working to find ways to furnish our new apartment in an ethical and sustainable manner. It's not an easy task to find furniture that doesn't have the questions "Made in China" sticker on it, but I'm excited to share with you some of the furniture brands, bedding, towel, and other home goods brands we've decided to go with....when it all shows up.

While we are slowly getting organized, I have been struggling because I want our apartment to feel now. Living out of boxes and suitcases can get old pretty quickly....and we've been doing it for about three weeks now due to the fact that we opted for some made to order  and fair trade furniture. Obviously these pieces do not show up on your doorstep overnight. And ironically enough, even as an advocate for slow fashion and conscious living, I'm a very impatient person, haha. Honestly, I think we're all impatient due to our fast paced society and American culture. Needless to say, it's been tricky for me to practice patience in waiting for our furniture to show up so we can get organized. However, it has made me reflect on consumerism and our demand for instantaneity and how it can sometimes make us compromise on the quality of our goods. 

Ethical Home Furnishings

For the past three weeks we've pretty much only had a bed and a couch as far as furniture goes because that's what we brought with us. Sure, we could've easily gone out and picked up (or ordered) some questionable furniture with that "Made in China" sticker and probably had it within a day or two. Yes, that would've been the easiest option and the most reasonable for my instant sanity, but my values and most likely the quality of the product would have been compromised. Instead I wanted us to invest in high quality furniture that is built to last. The thing is, furniture is generally expensive (even if you opt for the Made in China stuff it's still not always cheap price wise), so why wouldn't you want to invest in quality pieces that can be cherished in your home, taken with you on the next move, and passed down? I get it, budget can be a huge factory. But I think it's worth patiently saving up to purchase high quality goods....even if it does test your patience ;) *Disclaimer this isn't an image of our home, haha, we all know I'm not that organized. 

Sustainable Home Furnishings from Secondhand Store

Another more affordable option is secondhand. When I furnished my very own apartment in college, I didn't really have much flexibility with my funds, but I practiced sustainable furnishing by hitting up the secondhand stores and antique malls. You can find some good quality furniture there that is durable, unique, and a bargain. Secondhand furniture is a great way to add a bit of character to your home. 

While I am so excited for our furniture to come, I think it has been a good growing experience for me to practice my patience and flexibility. When the furniture does come I think I will appreciate it that much more know that it was crafted especially for our home and knowing that the ethics behind the pieces match my values. Stay tuned for ethical home furnishing tips, sustainable design, and more regarding conscious living and home! 


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