The Power of Clothing & Confidence

Power posing because today is the first day I’ve actually felt better in about a week. If you’ve been following my recent posts, you know I’ve had some crazy business owner issues (read here and here if you missed it). And today I woke up feeling better…less anxious and at peace. No my issues aren’t resolved, but something about today just brought me peace. So I threw on some clothes, walked the dog, and began my morning writing.

Through my work this morning I came across this jumpsuit power pose picture and started reflecting on how clothing can impact our confidence. Honestly, it’s amazing what a difference a fierce outfit can make in the way we take on the day. Call me superficial…but I think we all have that outfit that makes us feel like a badass.

As consumers we often think about how our favorite outfit makes us feel while wearing it….but what about on the other end of things? How did the people feel while making it? Did they feel safe in their work environment? Confident in their work? Were they treated with dignity and respect? Paid fairly?

Who are we to channel this confidence through clothing if the makers are not able to feel valued? They crafted the piece of clothing that gives us that extra boost of courage to take on the day….we should be thanking them and letting them know the value of their work. While I can’t meet all the makers of my clothing and let them know the value of their work….I can choose to shop brands who value and respect their workers.

Ethically styled in:  Give a Damn Shirt from Give a Damn Goods  +  Culotte shorts from Tonle  + Retro Recycled Glasses from  Retrospecced

Ethically styled in: Give a Damn Shirt from Give a Damn Goods + Culotte shorts from Tonle + Retro Recycled Glasses from Retrospecced

When I wear ethical & fair trade clothing, not only does it make me feel confident in a style sense, but also in my values. I can wear the clothing confidently knowing that I used my purchase power to make a difference. I can wear the garment feeling encouraged that there are ethical clothing brands fighting the good fight against fast fashion and valuing garment workers as the wonderful humans they are.

So today I encourage you to reflect on the confidence level of the garment worker who made your favorite piece of clothing. And go forward shopping your values, so that your dollar makes a difference in the lives of people around the world.

For additional resources on ethical clothing brands to shop I encourage you to check out our Quick List & Guide page & Ethical Brand Directory. The recent post our featuring our Top 10 Ethical Fashion Guides provides quite a few resources. For a quick list 50 Ethical Clothing Brands is a wonderful resource too!


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